World Of Warcraft Guide: Mining Ore WoW Guide

Mining Nodes

World of Warcraft

Mining nodes in World of Warcraft will provide two to four ores before they disappear if they are normal, and up to four to eight if they are “rich” nodes.

Nodes that show red will not be able to be mined, those that are orange will always up your mining skill, yellow ones will up your mining skill 3/4 of the time, the green ones will up your mining skill half the time or less, and the grey ones will never up your mining skill.

You will often fail when mining nodes that appear as orange type, you may fail sometimes with the yellow type ones, and never fail on the green and gray type ones.


Stone is a by product from mining the ore veins. Rough stone comes from Copper veins, Coarse Stone comes from Tin veins, Heavy Stone comes from Iron veins, Solid Stone from Mithril veins, and Dense Stone from Thorium veins.

Mining Upgrades

+2 Enchant to Gloves – from any enchanter who has the skill

+5 Enchant to Gloves – from any enchanter who has the skill

Goblin Mining Helmet (for Engineers) – Gives a +5 bonus

Mining Skill

  • Copper ore can be mined at level one
  • Tin ore at level 65
  • Incendicite veins at level 65
  • Silver ore at level 75
  • Lesser Bloodstone ore at level 75
  • Iron ore at level 125
  • Indurium ore at level 150
  • Gold ore at level 155
  • Mithril ore at level 175
  • Dark Iron ore at level 230
  • Truesilver ore at level 230
  • Small Thorium veins at level 250
  • Rich Thorium veins at level 275
  • Fel Iron veins at level 300
  • Adamantite ore at level 325
  • Rich Adamantite veins at level 350
  • Eternium ore at level 350
  • and Khorium ore at level 375.

Special Ores

Incendicite ore is found in the Wetlands, in the spider cave at Thelgar Rock directly north of Dun Algaz. Pilot Stonegear in Dun Morogh gives you the quest for Incendicite ore for the Alliance.

Lesser Bloodstone ore is found in the Arathi Highlands and is given as a quest called "favor for krazek" from Booty Bay’s Krazek for the Alliance.

Indurium ore is found in the tunnels in Uldaman. It is a neutral quest for Alliance and Horde given by Pozzik in Thousand Needles at Mirage Raceway.

Rethban ore
isn’t really an ore as it is also dropped instead of mined so those without the skill can complete the quest in the Redridge Mountains for the Alliance. This is a quest that is given by Foreman Oslow in Lakeshire. Rethban ore will also spawn in any copper or tin mining node in the Redridge Mountains for that quest.

Mining Levels

0-75 Apprentice

50-150 Journeyman

125-225 Expert

200-300 Artisan

300-375 Master

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