Best WoW Mining Spots in Outland and Northrend

Best WoW Mining Spots in Outland and Northrend
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Fel Iron and Adamantite

The first Outland ore, fel iron, will be found almost everywhere you look in Thrallmar. This red clay landscape of cracked terrain is literally covered in nodes of the sparkling green mineral, just begging for a swipe from your pick. The motes of fire and earth that you have a chance of receiving can be useful to leveling players, so if you don’t plan to keep them, make sure you check the auction house for the going rates on them.

The next level of WoW mining locations is available to you once you reach a skill level of 325. The rich veins of adamantite can be mined at 350. The best places to locate adamantite veins are by far Nagrand and Blades Edge Mountains. Nagrand is a bit more accessible if you haven’t purchased your flying mount yet. But then, if you haven’t - why haven’t you purchased your flying mount?! Experienced miners know, this is no luxury. Anyway, back to Nagrand. Here the nodes are concentrated more in the center of the zone, and then around the outside. Concentric circles can make a good flight pattern while farming. In Blades Edge, however, you will probably want to fly in a back-and-forth pattern from top to bottom, working your way from one side of the zone to the other.


Khorium veins are an extremely rare spawn within the zones of Outland. You must have a skill level of at least 375 in order to hit them, which was max for the Burning Crusade expansion. Nagrand has the most instances of khorium spawns, and while it is neigh un-farmable, you will be able to find at least a few dedicated veins on the Isle of Quel’Danas. If you just want to level the skill, you’ll be far better served by moving on to Northrend in search of cobalt.

Cobalt and Saronite


Cobalt can be mined from either normal or rich veins at 350 and 375 skill levels, respectively. By far, your best bet for the most number of veins in one zone is Zul’drak. Unfortunately, the veins are liberally sprinkled over the entire zone without any discernible pattern. Flying back and forth on a diagonal while working from Drak’Tharon Keep up to Gun’Drak may be your only hope of scanning the entire zone.

Next on your tour of WoW mining locations is saronite ore, which can be mined from normal nodes at 400, rich nodes at 425, and pure nodes located only in Ulduar at 450 skill level. Icecrown is the most densely populated zone for saronite nodes, and this is one of those zones that lends itself well to the concentric circles flight pattern. Unlike other ores, smelting saronite is learned at its gray level and will not help you point. Once you have completely maxed your skill level, you will be able to mine the rare titanium nodes that spawn in place of saronite. If titanium is what you’re after, Wintergrasp is where you want to be.



Some elemental mobs in Outland and Northrend can also be mined. Of course, you will most often receive junk from them, and it’s definitely not a reliable source for leveling the skill. Keep it in mind, though, just in case you happen to run across some. That, and the “Toughness” buff, are added attractions of having the mining skill.

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