Your Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Mining

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With the release of the new expansion pack, mining has become one of the major professions in WoW. By mining for ores, you also gain jewels and are able to sell them at a high price due to the increase in jewelry and other trinkets that everyone is making. So, right now, jewels that use to not sell for much are going for pretty high prices on all servers. Now, this will decrease as more people start to flood the market with them and as more people take back to their other characters and professions.

When you mine for ores, you should be able to smelt them and then sell them in stacks of 10 or 20 on AH. Most people who look for plain ores on AH are power leveling their professions, so placing them in bulks that people can use is a great way to earn money. When you place the ores on AH, make sure that you have a “buyout” price, as most people want it now.

The best place to level up your beginning mining skill is in Durotar. Here, you will find tons of copper and tin, so you can level your mining in no time. The respawn time here is pretty swift as well, so you won’t have to wait long to mine it again. You can easily run from one end of the canyon to the other, mining along the way, and as you circle back to the other end of the canyon again, they have already respawned.

Once you hit the tin level, head on to the Barrens. Here, you will find a great place to mine tin that respawns fairly quickly as well. Head to the South Barrens and just start going in circles around the areas where you find Bristleback, Razormane, and Scorpids. It won’t take you long to get enough tin mined to be ready for the next level in mining.

When you have the tin and copper that you need, make sure that you check the prices and availability on AH before you smelt them together for bronze. Sometimes you can put them separately and make more, and other times you can smelt them and sell the bronze for more. It all depends on the current market need, so be sure that you check before you sell.

Once you hit iron mining, keep heading south in the Southern Barrens. When you hit the Thousand Needles area, find the Shimmering Flats and start making your circles there. This area is a little dangerous for some, especially Alliance since it is a Horde based area, but the spawn rate of the iron here is worth it, along with the xp for grinding and drops.

Next come Silver and Gold, and you will find them spread all over the map. The best way to find these two where you are, or want to be, is to check Thottbot at You will be able to find a safer area to mine these two here and the spawn rates.

After you have passed these two ores, you will get to mithril. This is where the real gold lies. Other professions, such as blacksmithing and engineering need huge amounts of mithril to create what they need, especially for profession specific quests. So, when you find it, try to stack it as high as you can before you head to the AH to sell it. And, when you’re ready for this ore, the best place you can go is outside of Gadgetzan. When you hit Gadgetzan, head out across the desert to where the “bug area” starts. As you go, check all the little rocky areas as this is where the mithril lies. Now, this area is dangerous for everyone, so if possible, try to find a healer to take with you, just in case. If you have a mount or a travel form, it is a lot easier to get to the outcroppings, and you will know when you are close to a mithril mining spot as the mobs will be thick and attack hard to protect it. But, the great thing about this area is that the respawns of the mithril is fairly quick. So, you can make a big circle around the outer edges and work your way back through the middle. By the time you come full circle, they’ve spawned again.

With the new expansion, there are also new ore nodes to mine, here are some of the new ores that you’ll come across both in Outlands and Northrend:

  • Thorium
  • Truesilver
  • Fel Iron
  • Elementium
  • Adamantite
  • Nethercite
  • Khorium
  • Eternium
  • Cobalt
  • Saronite
  • Titanium

Now, some of these ores, such as Elementium and Titanium, are rare and will sell for tons of gold on the AH, no matter if you smelt them or not. So, as you level up your mining and come across these ores, snatch them up asap before another player gets to them.

It is also a great idea to farm these higher level ores to sell as they will always sell for tons of gold on any server. This is a well spent hour a week farming ores that will easily make you from 100-1000 gold a weekend. (Make sure you check out the section of this guide on playing the auction house.)

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