A How-To on World of Warcraft Macros and Using them to Spam

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Communication and Macros

You would not necessarily put these two together, however there are many ways to communicate through the means of Macros within World of Warcraft. From raid warnings right through to exchanging a ‘hi’ with friends, Macros offer alternative means to screaming ‘attack them!’ down the end of a microphone. And lets face it, we all know someone who maybe needs turn their microphone volume all the way down…

The /say Command

Unlike many items that have cooldowns or a limit on the amount you can use them, social commands do not have such inconveniencies. This allows you to be sociable the whole day by simply pressing a few buttons! The simplest social commands (that were also explored in part 1) are the emotion commands. For example, if you were to come across your guild leader and perhaps wanted to appear happy to see him, you could use to following Macro:

/say Hello best guild leader in the world!


Both commands will occur at the same time when you press the button for this particular macro. Being a social butterfly just got a whole lot easier!


While in a raid or a large group, it is advisable that the leader of the group acquaints him or herself with warning Macros. Within a raid the Macro to give a raid warning for the whole group to see is ‘/rw’. For example, if the raid leader was in charge of when the raid attacked, he or she would write ‘/rw Start Attacking Now!’ into the Macro window. Now every time the raid were to engage in battle, the raid leader would simply press a button instead of typing in the command. Raid leaders have enough to worry about without checking their spelling and punctuation every time they type.

Macro warnings can also be useful in PVP. In both Battlegrounds and Arenas, communication is the key to success. However, due to the fast-pace battles within PVP, players often do not have enough time to be writing warnings. Just the same way raid leaders do, people participating in PVP should be ready to create Macros in order to help out their teams mates. There’s no ‘I’ in Macro!

Do not Over do Communication Macros

Many new players just learning about the wonderful world of Macros tend to overuse them. It is tempting to constantly spam a saying or an emote (enthusiastic gnomes are the best!) but for the rest of us, it can be extremely tedious. Most people playing have seen it all before, and will not be impressed. Also, watch out if you are thinking of constantly spamming a Macro (especially in the Trade channel within cities) because Blizzard has now made it extremely easy for players to report with a click of a button. A few spam reports and you will get a serious talking to from the guys upstairs.

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