Find Out How to Use Your Items in World of Warcraft Macros

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Items and Macros

Many items within World of Warcraft have a ‘use’ ability incorporated into them. This can be an item you are currently wearing which, if clicked on, can offer that additional helping hand in times of need. Trinkets often have a ‘use’ ability, offering more spell power/rage/energy/mana/threat for a certain amount of time. These can be extremely advantageous for a player, however due to the fact a player has to click on the item to spark the item’s ability, they are often underused and underappreciated. That is where Macros come in handy!

The /use Command

As the term suggests, ‘/use’ should be written when you wish to utilize a certain object. To do this, simply follow the ‘/use’ command with an item which has a use ability. However, the name of the item has to be word and letter perfect. For this, it is recommended that you shift-click (holding down shift while clicking) on the item. This will print the name of the item onto the Macro command window. For example, ‘/use [insert your trinket’s name]’ will use that trinket when clicked, as long as the ‘Use’ cooldown has ended.

Using Items Within Your Inventory

In the same way as above, if you wish to use an item within a macro, the ‘use’ command will do the trick. However, you have to be carrying the item at that particular time (your bank does not count) and you have to be in a fit state to use it (i.e. out of combat when you wish to drink).

In addition to this, you can simply decide to ‘use’ a bag slot. This means that whichever object happens to be in your selected bag slot will be used when you press your Macro. Typing in the number that is associated with that particular bag slot will allow you to use that item. The guide below details the official numbering system of bag slots:

-The ‘Bag Bar’ is numbered 0 to 4, with 0 being your backpack and 4 being the left-most bag.

-Each slot within a bag is numbered 1 to [insert maximum number of bag slots]. 1 is the upper-left slot and [maximum number] is the bottom-right slot. Each number ascends rightwards within a column, and then moves onto the column below.

By using the number system above, entering ‘/use 0 1’ will use the item which is in the upper-left slot of your backpack. This is useful since you are able to easily change which item this Macro refers to. If, for example, you had food in that slot, but had used it all, you could simply move more food into that slot instead of creating a new Macro. This saves time and hassle (because no-one wants to stop a raid while they sort out their Macros)!

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