Learn How to Create Combat Macros for World of Warcraft

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Abilities and Macros

You will find that as you progress in your World of Warcraft career that spells and abilities become ever more complicated. Therefore, to help with awkward spell rotations and complicated spells, the ‘/cast’ command was introduced into Macros. It allows for a player to choose which particular rank of spell they which to use, and also to control pets better.

The /cast Command

This command is most certainly the most used command of the bunch, and you may find yourself often relying on it. It can be used along side the ‘/use’ command so that every time you cast that particular spell, the item you have on Macro will be used also. Combining Macros like this can save a player a lot of time, and allows the game to do the hard work (in this case it would be remembering to use the item)!

To create a ‘cast’ command, simply type (into the Macro command window) ‘/cast’ followed by your desired spell or ability. For example, creating a Macro with ‘/cast [your most awesome spell]’ would result in that particular spell being cast for you. However, much like the ‘/use’ command, the name of the spell needs to be 100% accurate.

Importance of Ranks

With Macros you can also choose which rank of spell you wish to cast. The rank of the spell must be in brackets next to the spell. For example, ‘/cast [your most awesome spell] (Rank 4)’ will cast that particular spell, but only with the fourth best-ranked spell. If you do not include the rank number, WoW will presume you meant the highest rank spell and will cast that, so be careful to include ranks for anything below your newest learned spells.

The Stop-Casting Command

In addition to the ‘/cast’ Macro, a command which allows you to stop casting has been introduced. This is the ‘stop-casting’ command, which, as the name suggests, stops any current spells or abilities that are in use. This is useful if you are casting or channeling an ability but instantly need to stop and cast something else. Normally, this could require a player to move or hit escape, then cast the new spell. However, with this Macro command a player can do both at once. The following is an example of this (for a Priest):


/cast Power Word: Shield (Rank 5)

This allows the Priest to stop casting their ability (most likely a heal) and instead allows them to shield their target. This could save players vital time and often works better than jumping (which many new players are guilty of using to cancel spells).

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