Jewelcrafting In World of Warcraft - Character Guide To Jewelcrafting Ingredients

Jewelcrafting In World of Warcraft - Character Guide To Jewelcrafting Ingredients
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Jewelcrafting is the profession that will allow you to craft and create beautiful necklaces and rings and cut gemstones to go into socketed armor pieces. It is one of the new professions that Burning Crusade brought into the online world of World of Warcraft, and is a very popular one among its players. It is a primary profession that can be taken with any other profession, but is best suited for a gathering profession like mining for the items that it will require to up your skill level.

There are many recipes that jewelcrafers have access to and they probably the most in the game. They are a highly specialized profession and create things that are in high demand; mostly items which bind on pickup can net you a nice profit on the Auction House. There are also tons of people who are always screaming to have a raw gem cut into the ones that they need. As a

jewelcrafter, you will be in high demand and will keep your pockets lined with gold by taking this profession. But what will you need to keep stocked up on to make all the nice sparkly items that are available?

There are many items that you will need to gather up in your inventory to make all the things that will be at your disposal in Jewelcrafting teachings. Whether you are an Apprentice or a Master, these are the ingredients that will assure that you can make whatever you’d like in the game.

Apprentice Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting Ingredients Needed: Delicate Copper Wire

Mining Ingredients Needed: Rough Stone, Copper Bar, Tigerseye, and Malachite.

Vendor Items Needed: Jeweler’s Kit

Journeyman Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting Ingredients Needed: Bronze Setting - used in the manufactur of the following items:

Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Mana Potion

Enchanting Ingredients Needed: Soul Dust

Mining Ingredients Needed: Coarse Stone, Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Heavy Stone, Bronze Bar, Shadowgem, Silver Bar, Tigerseye, Lesser Moonstone, Moss Agate, Gold Bar, and Malachite.

Loot Items Needed: Small lustrous pearl and large fang

Vendor Items Needed: Jeweler’s Kit

Expert Jewelcrafting

Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Shadow Oil and Elixir of Ogre’s Strength

Jewelcrafting Ingredients Needed: Mithril Filigree

Mining Ingredients Needed: Iron bar, Silver bar, Bronze bar, Lesser moonstone, Gold bar, Jade, Citrine, Moss Agate, Shadowgem, Solid stone, Truesilver bar, Mithril bar, and Aquamarine.

Loot Items Needed: Elemental Earth and Elemental Water

Vendor Items Needed: Jeweler’s Kit

Artisan Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting Ingredients Needed: Thorium Setting and Mithril Filigree

Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Greater mana potion

Enchanting Ingredients Needed: Vision Dust and Large Radiant Shard

Mining Ingredients Needed: Mithril bar, Citrine, Truesilver bar, Aquamarine, Jade, Dense stone, Blue sapphire, Star Ruby, Thorium bar, Large opal, azerothian diamond and gold bar.

Loot Items Needed: Black pearl, Flask of mojo, Flask of big mojo, Breath of Wind, core of Earth, Globe of Water, Heart of Fire, Heart of Wind, and Essence of Fire.

Vendor Items Needed: Simple Grinder and Jeweler’s Kit

Master Jewelcrafting

Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Arcanite Bar, Earthstorm diamond, and primal might.

Jewelcrafting Ingredients Needed: Adamantite powder, and mercurial adamantite.

Mining Ingredients Needed: Thorium bar, Truesilver bar, Huge emerald, blue sapphire, large opal, Azerothian diamond, arcane crystal, Golden draenite, shadow draenite, flame spessarite, deep peridot, Azure moonstone, black diamond, pristine black diamond, dark iron bar, fel iron bar, eternium bar, adamantite bar, khorium bar, nightseye, living ruby, dawnstone, talasite, star of elune, hardened adamantite bar, noble topaz, and felsteel bar.

Loot Items Needed: Powerful mojo, Primal nether, primal air, sunmote, skyfire diamond, primal mana, primal fire, primal water, primal shadow, mote of water, shadow pearl, primal earth, jaggal pearl, essence of fire, living essence, demonic rune, essence of undeath, and essence of earth.

Vendor Items Needed: Jeweler’s Kit, Simple Grinder, Purified Draenic Water, Seaspray emerald, Crimson Spinel, Empyrean Sapphire, Shadowsong amethyst, lionseye and pyrestone.