Step By Step Guide to Jewelcrafting in WoW: Trade Skill Guides for 3.2 and Beyond for The Most Popular MMORPG

Step By Step Guide to Jewelcrafting in WoW: Trade Skill Guides for 3.2 and Beyond for The Most Popular MMORPG
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Introduction to Jewelcrafting

There are many reasons to take up Jewelcrafting as one of your main professions. If it is for making tons of gold or making prismatic gems for yourself, let me warn you, you are going to be spending gold out of your pocket - LOTS of it. Be prepared to invest anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000 gold at the minimum if you are planning to buy most of the mats required. I wouldn’t recommend farming the mats by yourself because making gold is actually quite easy these days - especially with the amount of dailies that are available in Northrend. But I would recommend picking up mining along with this profession since it will indeed help out with the amount of investment needed on the extraneous amounts of ores and gems you will need.

Getting Started: Gathering the Materials for Jewelcrafting

Approximate Materials Required for 1-450:

  • 100 Copper Bar

  • 20 Tigerseye or 20 Malachite

  • 120 Bronze Bar = 60 Copper Bar, 60 Tin Bar

  • 60 Shadowgem OR 20 Shadowgem and 20 Small Lustrous Pearl

  • 80 Heavy Stone

  • 30 Moss Agate

    Tired of mining yet?

  • 160 Mithril Bar

  • 25 Citrine

  • 20 Truesilver Bar

  • 5 Aquamarine

  • 60 Thorium Bar

  • 15 Star Ruby

  • 20 Large Opal

  • 10 Powerful Mojo or 10 Blue Sapphire

  • 10 Essence of Earth or 10 Essence of Undeath

  • 20 Huge Emerald

  • 60 green gems OR 45 and 15 Black Diamond

  • 5 Adamantite Bar

  • 5 Mercirual Adamantite

  • Buy 60 from any of the following gems: [Bloodstone], [Chalcedony], [Dark Jade], [Huge Citrine], [Shadow Crystal], [Sun Crystal]. Make sure to buy at least 5 [Bloodstone], because you will need it when you reach 395.

  • 46 Eternal Earth OR 23 Eternal Earth and 23 Eternal Shadow

  • 7 Forest Emerald - You might only need 5

  • 15 Skyflare Diamond OR 15 Earthsiege Diamond

Part 1: The Azeroth Grind: Jewelcrafting 1-150

First thing you would do is get yourself trained from one of the Jewelcrafting trainers in the main cities of old Azeroth. Just ask the guards and they will guide you to the exact location in your city.

Apprentice Jewelcrafting

1-30: Make 30 Delicate Copper Wire. Save these, you will need them later.

31-50: Here you have an option of either making 20 Tigerseye Band or 20 Malachite Pendant. The stats on these items are pretty good for low levels probably until 20 after which you might be upgrading these. Alternatively if you are just powerleveling on a higher level character you could check the auction house to see which one sell for more, or if you have an alt enchanter or a friend that is an enchanter you can get them disenchanted for consistent profits. This goes for all of the rings, necklaces etc.. that you are going to be making in your quest to 450.

Journeyman Jewelcrafting

51-80: Now make 50 Bronze Setting. Save these too, you will need them later for other stuff.

81-100: Here again you have 3 options. Choose from one of the following by deciding which would sell for most on the Auction House.

  • Simple Pearl Ring
  • Gloom Band
  • Ring of Silver Might

101-110: Make 20 of these - Ring of Twilight Shadows. The stats on this is pretty good for self-use for its level.

111-120: 10 of Heavy Stone Statue.

121-150: 30 of these - Pendant of the Agate Shield. Moss Agate being used to make this, this could turn out quite a goldsink but you could sell them to some low level warrior, druid tanks to make most of the money back.

This design is sold by these NPC’s.

Part 2: The Azeroth Grind: Jewelcrafting 150-300

Expert Jewelcrafting

151-180: You are going to be needing a lot of Mithril for this. Make 55 Mithril Filigrees. Save these, you will need 55 of them later.

181-200: Make around 20 of Engraved Truesilver Ring. Truesilver also not being much abundant in the game you might wanna get some help from friends, buy some from the Auction House and also maybe farm some of the mats if you have mining picked. The stats on this is quite appealing although. Can be used by almost all classes, so your pals in WoW would be more than happy if you made some of these for them :)

Artisan Jewelcrafting

201-220: 20 of Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing. A decent ring with spell power for its level. Citrine can be also costly or cheap depending on which server you play on.

LOTS and LOTS of Thorium

221-225: Things start to get really costly from now on especially until around 300 where you would be using an abundant amount of thorium and other kind of jewels. Make 20 of Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior. Most melee classes would dig on this at their levels. Also makes a good neck piece for level 39 twinks so this would surely sell for a decent amount.

226-245: Make around 60 Thorium Settings. If you happen to reach skill 245 while making it just stop and proceed further. Make more only if it is required.

246-260: A small tip here would be, if you have mining as your secondary profession you might want to prospect some of the thorium either by buying some from the Auction House or by mining it yourself. Be prepared to invest quite a few bucks here on some of the old school gems. Use the Thorium Settings you made earlier along with Star Ruby to make 15 of Ruby Pendant of Fire.

261-280: Make 20 of these - Simple Opal Ring

281-290: Here choose between one of these two:

  • Onslaught Ring
  • Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night

depending on the prices for Powerful Mojo’s and Blue Sapphire. Personally I have found Powerful Mojo to be way cheaper than the other. But it may differ from server to server so choose wisely.

291-300: The last 10 points. 10 of Emerald Lion Rings.

A sigh of relief huh? Well you are done with Azeroth for the most part but just not there yet. Scroll over to the next page for Outland part of this guide.

Part 3: Outland: Jewelcrafting 300-350

Go to any Jewelcrafting Trainer in Outland and get your master training up to 375.

Master Jewelcrafting

From here on, you will use recipes that are already yellow to you and since whole WoW is pretty random, you might sometimes just need 5 gems to reach your desired skill or maybe 10 or even more so I would advise buying as and when required if you don’t want to go overboard spending gold.

301-320: A nice alternative to 301-320 is this pattern: 15 x Pristine Black Diamond - 15 Black Diamond required. You can make these if the Diamonds go cheap on your server.

When you learn these recipes, they are already yellow. I suggest you cut 30 from any of the following gems:

  • _Teardrop Blood Garnet

    Socketed Gems


  • Brilliant Golden Draenite

  • Solid Azure Moonstone

  • Radiant Deep Peri dot

  • Inscribed Flame Spessarite

  • Glowing Shadow Draenite

which should help you reach 320. Most of these gems can be used as quite a few of the gear available while questing and/or doing instances in Outland would have sockets on them.

321-325: Make 5-7 from any of the following gems:

  • Bold Blood Garnet
  • Bright Blood Garnet
  • Gleaming Golden Draenite
  • Jagged Deep Peridot
  • Luminous Flame Spessarite
  • Royal Shadow Draenite
  • Sparkling Azure Moonstone

326-335: Make around 15 from any of the following gems:

  • Enduring Deep Peridot
  • Glinting Flame Spessarite
  • Runed Blood Garnet
  • Shifting Shadow Draenite
  • Thick Golden Draenite
  • Purified Jaggal Pearl - This one turns green at 332


Make 5-7 from any of the following gems:

  • Dazzling Deep Peridot
  • Delicate Blood Garnet
  • Potent Flame Spessarite

You can go to Hellfire Peninsula and find Kalaen if you are Horde, Tatiana if you are Alliance. These NPCs sell the recipes for the following gems:

  • Rigid Golden Draenite
  • Sovereign Shadow Draenite
  • Smooth Golden Draenite

341-350: You can continue to make the gems above , but its not recommended to use green recipes for any profession. Rather make 5-7 of Heavy Adamantite Ring. A ton of stamina in this so these bad boys will sell themselves.

Part 4: The Final Grind - Northrend: Jewelcrafting 350-450

Grandmaster Jewelcrafting

351-395: Buy around 55 from any of the following gems, after 375 the recipes will be yellow so you might need less or more. Make sure you buy a mixture of these and not just one particular type, mainly because some gems just don’t sell enough as compared to others.

  • Bloodstone
  • Chalcedony
  • Dark Jade
  • Huge Citrine
  • Shadow Crystal
  • Sun Crystal

Jewelcrafting Daily

396-400: Make 5 from any of the following items:

  • Bloodstone Band
  • Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
  • Crystal Citrine Necklace
  • Sun Rock Ring

From here on you would be able to do the “Jewelcrafting daily” on a daily basis, regardless of whether you want to power level to 450. Would definitely recommend doing it mainly because you would be needing a ton of Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token for a number of purposes which would include, learning new designs, buying Dragon’s Eye etc..

401-420: Again a choice here between StoneGuard Band and Shadowmight Ring. The first one just requires Eternal Earth while the 2nd ring requires 23 of Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow. The prices on Eternal Earth seems to be cheaper normally. Also if you have mining you could gather quite a bit of the mats for these by just mining Cobalt ore and Saronite ore in Northrend.

421-425: You better make this “Dazzling Forest Emerald” yellow recipe until it turns green, because after this there will be only meta gems, and they are a lot more expensive. Forest Emerald is usually the cheapest gem.

426-440: Buy 15 Skyflare Diamond or Earthsiege Diamond

There are plenty of meta gem recipes, you could choose one of them and make it 15 times. Although I would recommend making one of the following meta gem or both to maximize your profits since you are guaranteed to sell them almost immediately and for a good amount of gold:

  • Chaotic Skyflare Diamond

  • Relentless Earthsiege Diamond

    Icy Prism

You can learn some recipes from your trainer, and some of them are sold by Tiffany Cartier in Dalaran, there is also a lot of them dropped by bosses and mobs around Northrend.

Alternatively if you are not in a hurry to max out your profession you could take it slow and make some Icy Prism. Although it has a 20-hour cooldown it can reward you with 2-3 rare gems and also a Dragon’s Eye if you get lucky.

441-450: There is no point in leveling further than 440. If you want to level further, just continue to make meta gems.

That’s It for Jewelcrafting!

Congratulations!!. You are now a Grandmaster in WoW Jewelcrafting, with your pockets overflowing with all kinds of jewels. All set to learn through the next Trade skill Guide , right. Before that, come again and learn a few more tips and tricks on Jewelcrafting and how to make big bucks by using Jewelcrafting efficiently and consistently. So long then….

Jewelcraft Grand Master