Guide To Exalted Reputation For Knights Of The Ebon Blade

Guide To Exalted Reputation For Knights Of The Ebon Blade
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Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft Factions and Reputations

Make sure to check out the Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft factions. You can find detailed guides on how to raise reputation, obtain rewards, and more with every major faction in World of Warcraft (WoW).

Getting Started

At level 77, you are eligible to start doing the quest line that will unlock the dailies at The Shadow Vault as well as help you begin raising your reputation with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. When you hit friendly, you can purchase a tabard to champion the Ebon Blade for reputation while running 5-man dungeons.

Quest Chain:

  1. ALLIANCE: [80] It’s All Fun and Games / HORDE: [80] It’s All Fun and Games

  2. [80] I Have an Idea, But First

  3. [80] Free Your Mind

  1. ALLIANCE: [80] If He Cannot Be Turned / HORDE: [80] If He Cannot Be Turned

  2. ALLIANCE: [80] The Shadow Vault / HORDE: [80] The Shadow Vault

  3. [80] The Duke

  4. [80] Honor Challenge

  5. [80] Shadow Vault Decree

  1. [80] Get the Key

  2. [80] Let the Baron Know

When you finish this line of quests and hit level 78, fly to the Shadow Vault in Icecrown and obtain the 3 daily quests offered at this location.

Picking Up The Daily Quests

One of the most efficient ways to earn reputation with any faction is to do their associated daily quests. If you can develop an efficient system of picking them up and doing them in the proper order, you can earn all the reputation you need with minimal effort. Having a good plan for doing reputation dailies is especially important if you are working on more than one faction at a time.

Using the following route, I am able to complete all 6 daily quests for the Knights of the Ebon Blade within 25 minutes.

First, fly to The Shadow Vault and pick up the following quests from the associated quest givers:

Vile (Abomination): “Vile Like Fire”

Baron Silver (Blood Elf Death Knight): “Leave Our Mark” - He will provide an Ebon Blade Banner

The Leaper (Gist): “Shoot ‘Em Up”

Baron Silver

The Leaper

After you’ve obtained all 3 quests, fly to Death’s Rise in Icecrown at 20.3,47.7

Uzo Deathcaller (Troll Death Knight): “No Fly Zone”

Auroch’s Grimbane (Tauren Death Knight): “Intelligence Gathering”

Setaal Darkmender (Draenei Death Knight): “From Their Corpses Rise” - she will provide the Darkmender’s Tincture.

Onslaught Harbor

Fly to Onslaught Harbor in Icecrown located at (11.4, 46.1).

Onslaught Harbor

After landing, begin killing Scarlet Onslaught members. Use the Darkmender’s Tincture in your bags on Scarlet Corpses to convert them into zombies for the quest “From Their Corpses Rise”. They will drop Scarlet Onslaught Trunk keys which will open the various chests around the Harbor.

Scarlet Crusader - Chest

Some of these trunks contain Onslaught Intel Documents for the Quest “Intelligence Gathering”. However, there are times when trunks will only yield a few silver along with invaluable loot. This means you’ll need to slay plenty of Onslaught Members to get as many keys as you can. Chances are, you’ll soon run out of trunks to open at the area surrounding the cathedral. Fly over to the boats located at (7.8, 41.2) and over to the coast at (6.6, 39.2) to find more trunks.


In front of the cathedral, you’ll see an area where Gryphons fly past with their riders. You need to kill these for the quest “No Fly Zone”. Look in your bags for a Bone Gryphon Mount quest item. You can use this to mount up and attack the Gryphons while flying using the combat abilities available. However, I prefer flying up to one of the towers and using my ranged abilities since they do more damage than those that come with the temporary Bone Gryphon Mount. *Note this mount is only for use in Onslaught Harbor.

Tower For Melee Attacks

If you are melee then you can stand on top of the furthest tower at (8.5, 44.5) and attack waves of Gryphons as they pass.

When you are finished with “No Fly Zone”, “From Their Corpses Rise”, and “Intelligence Gathering” , return to Death’s Rise and turn in all 3 quests.


“Leave Our Mark”

Mount up and fly to 27.2, 40.0. When you land, you should see Njorndar Proto-Drakes nearby.You will need these later for “Vile Like Fire”. Start by killing any Vrykul in the area for “Leave Our Mark”. The objective is to empale 15 Vrykul corpses with the Ebon Blade Banner. Do this by right clicking the Ebon Blade Banner in your bags and selecting a corpse. Typically, you’ll only get a handful of Vrykul at this location but there will be plenty more where we’re going.

Leave Our Mark

“Vile Like Fire”


Once all of the humanoids in the area are dead, hop on a Njorndar Proto-Drake and use it to set fire to 8 buildings in the area. Your main toolbar will change as it does with the mounts in Malygos or The Occulus. There will be a button that will allow you to launch a fire blaze towards surrounding houses. There are several buildings in a line close to each other. Simply press the fire button as you fly past each one. After all 8 buildings have been set on fire, hit your speed boost spell on the toolbar and fly over to (28.7,35.0).

“Shoot ‘Em Up”

Dismount the Proto-Drake and start killing any Vrykul that you see; continuing to plant the Ebon Blade Banners in all corpses.

Once you’ve killed all the Vrykul and completed “Leave Our Mark”, man one of the guns east of this location at (28.7,35.0) for “Shoot ‘Em Up”.

Operating this weapon is similiar to using a cannon to defend the fortress in Wintergrasp or Strand of the Ancients. Aim slightly in front of the target’s path so that they will be in your crosshairs by the time your ammunition reaches them. Be sure to target the birds that are closest to you since those are much easier to hit than those further out. Though it took me a few attempts to perfect my technique, this has become one of my favorite quests.

Shoot ‘Em Up

Faction Rewards

Reputation rewards can be purchased from the Knights of the Ebon Blade vendor, Duchess Mynx

Duchess Mynx

located at the Shadow Vault in Icecrown. Physical DPS classes will benefit most from Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation primarily because of Arcanum of Torment; a head enchant which adds +50 attack power and +20 critical strike to a head slot item which can be purchased at Revered. Also available at Revered are two swords which prepare physical dps players for entry into Naxxramus which are the Reaper of Dark Souls and the Runeblade of Demonstrable Power. At Exalted, the following epics become available:

Darkheart Chestguard – Rogues and Feral Druids

Kilt of Dark Mercy - Resto Shamans

Death-Inured Sabatons - Ret Pallys, DPS Warriors, and Death Knights

Click Here For The Complete List Of Reputation Rewards

Gaining Reputation

Aside from doing dailies, you can also champion the Knights of the Ebon Blade by purchasing their tabard when you reach Friendly. This item can be found with the other faction rewards available from Duchess Mynx in Icecrown. This tabard can be worn during 5-man dungeons and will yield reputation per kill as outline in the table below:

5-Man Dungeons – Reputation Earned Per Kill

Normal Mode:

Non Elites - 0 Elites - 5-10 Bosses 50

Heroic Mode:

Non Elites - 1-2 Elites - 15-30 Bosses 250

Additionally, you can receive an Ebon Commendation Badge which yields 250 reputation as a quest reward by completing the regular daily dungeon. Daily dungeon quests are given by Archmage Timear in front of the Violet Hold in Dalaran.

Archmage Timear

In order to reach Exalted with the Knights of the Ebon Blade; continue doing all 6 daily quests, do the daily dungeon on normal setting, and run heroics wearing the tabard. If you are consistent, you’ll achieve your goal in no time!

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