WoW Sons of Hodir Exalted Reputation Guide

WoW Sons of Hodir Exalted Reputation Guide
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Opening the faction

The Sons of Hodir are a tribe of frost giants located in the Storm Peaks zone of Northrend. You may have noticed a distinct Nordic flavor since you jumped on the boat or zeppelin back at level 70 and the culture of the Sons are no different. In order to open this faction up for dailies of any sort, you’ll need to complete the beginning quest, “They Took Our Men!” This quest is given by the goblin Gretchen Fizzlespark who is located at K3, and available to characters of at least level 77.

Sixteen quests later you’ll be given the “Last of Her Kind” quest by Astrid Bjornrittar, which begins another chain. Thankfully, this one is only eight quests long. The last quest in this chain, “Mending Fences,” should provide you with a piece of “Slag Covered Metal.” Using this item starts another quest, the completion of which will make you honored with the Sons and open up several of the daily quests located in Dun Niffelem.

The dailies

Thorim v Loken

At each level of reputation, more dailies open up. Those available at Friendly include:

  1. Hot and Cold
  2. Polishing the Helm
  3. Blowing Hodir’s Horn

Following patch 3.3, characters now attain Honored status at the completion of the introductory quest chain. That means you should immediately have two more dailies available to you.

  1. Spy Hunter
  2. Thrusting Hodir’s Spear

Once you reach Revered status, one last daily opens up.

  1. Feeding Arngrim

Reputation item turn-ins


Finding your first Everfrost chip will complete an introductory quest, and each chip you find thereafter can be turned in for an unlimited number of Remember Everfrost! quests. Each Everfrost chip turned in nets you 350 reputation, and you can do this as often as you like after reaching at least Friendly status.

Likewise, turning in a stack of 10 Relic of Ulduar will net you a healthy chunk of reputation, and this quest can also be repeated an unlimited number of times every day. You may wish to grind Relics instead of doing the dailies, although either way, this is going to be a short journey to Exalted.

Unlike many of the other factions in the Wrath expansion, the Sons will not provide you with a tabard to wear in dungeons. You cannot champion their cause like you can with the Kirin Tor and Wyrmrest Accord. You can, however, buy Commendation Badges with Emblems of Triumph if you’ve been doing a lot of Heroic Dungeons have have spares.

What’s in it for me?

Icemaw Matriarch

Grinding reputation in WoW can be tedious, but for some factions, it is undoubtedly worth it. The Sons of Hodir is one of those factions. Quartermaster Lillehoff sells shoulder enchants to those he deems worthy (Exalted reputation), and unless you have maxed out Inscription, you won’t find better anywhere else.

The shoulder enchants come in a variety of types: attack power + crit, spell power + mp5, dodge + defense, and spellpower + crit. In short, there’s something there for everyone. Additionally, these shoulder enchants are Bind on Account (BoA) which means that, like the heirloom gear, your “main” can purchase inscriptions for any alts who make it to level 80. You will not have to grind the Sons reputation more than once per account if the shoulder enchants are your sole concern.

Other interesting items sold by Lillehoff include two epic ground mounts, the Reins of the Ice Mammoth and the Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth. The Grand model allows you to carry two passengers who are grouped with you. Lillehoff also sells the patterns for the Glacial Bag, needed by Tailors, and the Mammoth Mining Bag which can be crafted by Leatherworkers.

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