World of Warcraft: Cataclysm "Sea Legs" Quest Guide and Walkthrough

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm "Sea Legs" Quest Guide and Walkthrough
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As if the somewhat interesting circumstances that led you to Vashj’ir weren’t bad enough, now you’re stuck in an underwater realm without the ability to breathe. You very well can’t spend your time living on gulps of air purloined from overturned ships, so Erunak Stonespeaker has a job for you: gather the components he’ll need to craft a “Sea Legs” spell, which will allow you to move more quickly underwater and breathe without the benefit of air.

Welcome to the first of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s new zones.

“Sea Legs”

The ingredients for the “Sea Legs” spell are simple: 3 Saltwater Starfish and a Conch Shell. Gathering them without the benefit of water breathing, however, could prove to be slightly difficult.

First, you’ll have to leave the relative safety of the overturned ship where you awakened following your shipwreck.

To do so, you’ll have to dive into the pool of water in front of Erunak and swim out through the wrecked ship’s cargo hold.

Gathering Ingredients

Bubbling Clams

For Druids with Aquatic Form or Warlocks with Water Breathing, this first mission is a piece of cake. Less water-friendly classes, however, are going to have to take advantage of the air bubbles seeping out from the nearby mollusk population. Giant clams litter the seafloor just outside the ship, and you’ll want to be wary of venturing too far from your only source of Oxygen besides the ship’s interior.

Fortunately, the items you’re looking for are also found in abundance nearby and are easy enough to spot thanks to the glowing effect that surrounds them. The Starfish look exactly like a starfish should, albeit bigger, so grab three as quickly as you can.

The Conch Shell is a little less common, but still conveniently close by, just to the East of the overturned ship. It’ll be very easy to spot as soon as you’ve gathered the three Starfish, as it will be the only thing glowing.

There are a few aggressive Naga in the area, so keep an eye on your surroundings as you are gathering and do your best to avoid them. No sense fighting underwater when you’re busy enough just fighting to breathe.

Grab your four items and swim back into the overturned ship so you can once again speak to Erunak.

Further Underwater Adventures

Your Temporary Underwater Home

Speak to Erunak to complete the “Sea Legs” quest. He’ll take your quest items and cast the “Sea Legs” spell on you, granting you permanent water breathing and increased seafloor movement speed while in Vashj’ir.

He’ll also waste no time sending you on another errand. Your Horde brethren are drowning just outside the ship, and it’s up to you to save them the way Erunak saved you.

Don’t bother to dry off. You’re going to be spending a fair amount of time in the water in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm zone of Vashj’ir.

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