WoW Cataclysm Worgen Mount

WoW Cataclysm Worgen Mount
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Why Not Travel Forms?

Two new player character races will grace Azeroth in the Cataclysm . Both races have been in the game since the beginning. Some of the goblins are choosing to rejoin the Horde. Some of the Worgen not suffering from an oddly specific curse have chosen to rejoin the horde.

Each race has its own unique racial mounts.Worgen who get to 40 within a day and a half of the release of the Cataclysm expansion will not get the cool go-carts that goblins will, but they will get a unique mount.

It would make sense for the worgen to get a racial travel form, similar to the ghost wolf form that shamans get at level 20. If Worgen players do get a travel form, the travel form will probably grant a speed buff that increases movement by 40%. Unlike the druid and shaman versions, Worgen would gain access to this ability at level one rather than level 20. However, the travel forms that are available to druids will only be available to Worgen druids.

What are the WoW Cataclysm Worgen Mounts?

Cataclysm Worgen

A rough sketch of the planned releases has been added. The nice-looking mounts for most of Alliance races will only look better when a person rides alongside a Worgen party member. (Unless the worgen player has worked on other Alliance factions and has a different racial mount.)

Instead of the graceful cat, the noble elephant, the sleek horse, the small ram, or the whimsical mechanical chicken, the werewolf race will ride atop of a snarling fanged wolf. From a story standpoint, the worgen bonding with wolves make sense, but it seems more likely that a player should have a wolf shape shift form. Buying higher levels of riding should increase the speed if it gets implemented in this manner.

Goblin Cataclysm Mounts or WoW Cataclysm Worgen Mounts: Which are Cooler?

Cataclsm Flying Mount

Obviously, which mount a person believes is cooler will depend on his personal taste, but while there are plenty of ugly mounts on the horde side, there is only one mechanical mount that is not crafted. Adding go-carts would be fun for all races. The WoW cataclysm Worgen mount looks like a mammalian version of the Kodo lizards the Tauren ride.

Modeling the worgen mounts after the Tauren mounts makes sense, since the new race will be able to play any class a Tauren can play. They fill the role of a large animal-based race. The horde is getting balanced with a small, rogue-like engineering race. Something PvP enthusiasts have long believed that the evil, that is the noble Horde, has needed.*

*The author, who plays a gnome death knight, a night elf druid, a dranei shaman, and a night elf hunter asserts that he does not have any natural bias in favor of the alliance.

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