Halls of Origination Guide for Cataclysm

Halls of Origination Guide for Cataclysm
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I can’t even find it!

Well, you really are lost, huh? No worries, just head to Uldum. If you’ve never been, you can pick up the quest in your faction’s capital city to get started. If you have been there before, just grab the portal. Once you’re inside the zone, you’ll notice the “Y” shaped river. Halls of Origination is in the middle of the landmass on the east side, about halfway down from the split. It’s a big pyramid, and pretty hard to miss. The stone and entrance are on the east side. Once you’re inside, you’ll be treated to the Qiraji architecture common in Uldum and a series of bosses that are named after Egyptian gods, along with some commentary by Bran Bronzebeard. Read on for your Halls of Origination guide.

Temple Guardian Anhuur and Earthrage Ptah


Choose a player to be on dispelling duty, if you have one capable of it. Anhuur’s Divine Reckoning will suck the health from your party and replenish his own. You’ll also want to avoid the Burning Light that he casts. As pretty much always, colored spots on the floor are a bad idea for hanging out. This fight will happen in three stages. During the first stage, pay attention to the two issues above. At about 66% of his health, Anhuur will pop himself into the middle of his stage, shield himself and start channeling a heal. When this happens, two players on each side will need to jump down. While one finds and activates the levers, the other player will handle the snakes. Resume your positions and continue the fight, but take note that Anhuur will pull this little trick again at 33%.

Ptah is the optional boss who becomes available once Anhuur is down. You can skip him if you like, but his fight is really not difficult. Tank and spank the Earthrager, making sure to keep melee dps-ers on the opposite side of him from the tank. When his health is about halfway depleted he’ll disintegrate, only to bereplaced by several other mobs. Pick them up and mow them down to force Ptah back into combat, then simply pile on the hurt.



As if Halls of Origination heroic wasn’t long enough, and didn’t have enough bosses, this one will make you take out four mini bosses before he’ll even deal with you. Once he is engaged, the fight is a dps-race to the finish. For Anraphet’s Alpha Beams, stay in motion once he begins to cast and avoid the void zones that remain. Any AoE heals you have available will need to be ready for the Omega Stance portion of the fight, and be sure to dispel the Nemesis Strike from the tank whenever needed. If your combined dps isn’t high enough you will wipe on this boss so be prepared to pop cooldowns, trinkets, whatever you can to help speed up the process.



Isiset is the first of the four constructs and the one whose magic damage will be most impressive. At 2/3 and 1/3 of the way through her health, she will split into her three aspects. Take out the Astral Rain aspect first to make the rest of the fight easier; up until that point your healer will have to heal through the AoEdamage. Make sure to look away from her during the Supernova. When she casts Veil of Sky, you have a couple of different choices. You can ask your casters to stop dpsing in order to avoid the reflect, or if you have a mage in your party you can Spellsteal it. Barring that, any class that can Purge will be able to remove the buff. Isiset also summons adds intermittently, be sure to burn these down when they pop. Because it’s the least annoying, ignore the Veil of Sky aspect and take down the Celestial Call aspect during the second split. The final third of the fight will be a piece of cake.

Ammunae and Setesh


Ammunae is the Construct of Life; as such you can expect him to be a healer. Have ranged dps focus on the Seedling Pod and Spore adds. If you’re really good, you can kite any Bloodpetal Blossoms over a Spore, allowing the Spore’s residual cloud to kill the Blossom. If you’re really, really good, you can tank the boss over one or more of these Spore Clouds.

As the Construct of Destruction (oxymoron?) Setesh is, quite logically, a Warlock. His spells include Seed of Chaos (which you actually WANT to get close to), Chaos Bolt and the summoning of a few different types of Voids from Chaos Portals. Take down the portals quickly in order to prevent the Voids from coming through into your battle. Because Setesh cannot really be controlled, your tank should be focusing on any Void Sentinels that spawn. Those mobs are immune to all damage and will just need to be kept busy while the rest of your party is bringing down the boss.



Rajh is the final boss in Halls of Origination heroic and the Construct of the Sun. He’s the last thing standing between you and a successful completion, so get yourself prepared. For this fight, you’re going to want to coordinate all players who are able to interrupt, as many of Rajh’s attacks can be prevented. If he manages to get an Inferno Leap off, make sure to get away from his target. Any Orbs of the Sun that pop should be killed quickly. The Solar Winds cannot be interrupted, and should just be avoided.

If you’ve been lax in your interrupts, Rajh will run out of energy. At this point, he moves to the middle of the room and begins to recharge, damaging everyone in your party in the process. However, party members will find themselves with a bonus to damaging abilities–that will help keep the length of the fight limited. Once he’s down, feel free to loot, dance and otherwise celebrate. At least, until the next time you’re here, when you get to be the Halls of Origination guide.

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