Strategies on How To Defeat Doom Lord Kazzak in World Of Warcraft

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Ah, the fun begins…

This demon is the main elite demon boss in the game. He spawns at the Throne of Kil’jaeden, which is on the northern-most point in Hellfire Peninsula. His level says the wonderful ?? to everyone, so there is no telling what it really is, and his health is around 1.3 million. Before the Burning Crusade, he used to spawn in the Blasted Lands in the Tainted Scar, but now he holds a fitting blackened throne in Hellfire. As the main boss in the game, his history and job revolves around commanding the Burning Legion in the game for his master, Kil’jaeden. Since this is a mini-guide on defeating him, I won’t go too much into his story.

The first thing that you need to know when you are putting together a raiding party is that this mega-monster hits the main tank for 7,000-11,000 damage. This means that anyone else in the raid has no chance against this demon if you come in direct contact with him. It is also for this reason that when your main tank starts aggro, he/she needs to pull him toward the back of his throne and toward the mountain behind him, away from everyone else in the raid party. This is vital to getting shots and damage in on him, as he can actually be defeated quickly if the main tank can hold the aggro. Your raid will need one mega-good tank that can pull and hold him against the far mountain side and one mega awesome and experienced healer that can keep the tank alive. Of course, each group in your raid will need a good healer that is on their toes, as well as DPS and other damage dealers. And, you will want to mega buff everyone as much as possible before you engage him.

Here is the breakdown of his abilities and how to fight against each one so that your raid has a chance against this monster:

1. Capture Soul - This is the most problem-causing ability that this demon has. Here is why - when a player in the raiding party dies, D.L. Kazzak instantly gets a big amount of his health back, usually about 150,000 each time. So, this means that you just cannot die when you are raiding him. I know that is usually the point, but here it does make a huge difference in taking him down. This is also why you need healers that have amazing abilities and that are on top of their game and class so that they can help keep their raiders alive.

2. Shadowbolt Volley - This wonderful ability of D.L. Kazzak has a massively long range of shadowbolts that will hit all of the people in the raiding party. It does about 1500-2900 damage, but can be healed quickly, avoided, and even resisted. This attack does not adhere to the line of sight rule, so know that you’ll get hit no matter where you are. Healers and Paladins will need to be on their toes with this one so that they can help heal asap when he throws this one out. Those who have low levels of armor or who wear cloth armor, try to avoid this one at all costs if you can.

3. Mark of Kazzak - One debuff that is not curable that he will throw out on one of the raiders that is in range and uses mana. It will drain that player’s mana at about 5% each second, then explodes the player with 6,000-8,000 when all of the player’s mana is gone. There is really no getting around this one, so if he hits you with it, just get away from the other players before it ticks all the way down so that you don’t take anyone out with you.

4. Twisted Reflection - This one is a fun one. A debuff that he will throw out on random players that aren’t holding his aggro, it will throw the player away as well. Also, this heals him for a huge amount as well, although not nearly as much as his Capture Soul will. This one can actually be reflected with the right buffs before the raid starts and healers and paladins can help to keep this off of the other players.

5. Cleave Attack - As long as the melee players are behind him, they can avoid this one. His cleave is so much wider than anyone else’s and does a ton more damage as well, usually between 6,000 and 15,000. He loves to chain this one, which leads to the higher damage, so make sure that the healers are watching carefully when a tank’s health starts to drain swiftly.

6. Enrage - Right about the time that you reach the 1 minute mark in the battle, he’ll enrage, which increases his damage output by 30%. He will also send out about 6 volleys in quick succession. The good thing is, the Enrage ends after the last volley, but can do a ton of damage to everyone in range of it. So, if you cannot bring him down before the 1 minute mark, then you need to have healers on the job asap. When the battle reaches the two minute mark, he will enrage again, and pretty much no one survives this time.

7. Thunderclap - This one is a great little spell that does about 2,000-3,000 nature damage. It will also slow the movement speed of the receiver by 60% and the attack speed by 30%. Of course, with good nature protection potions, buffs, and more, this one can be easily avoided.

Here are a few other tactics that need to be used to wipe him really quickly - Make sure that your raiding group is well set up and that you have at least 3 Paladins for the different auras that you will need to counter his attacks and abilities. Have a great tank that can engage him and hold his aggro to the far side of his throne and then have the Paladins blow out their shields so that it overheals the tank. The shields will hopefully last until his enrage is done, which will give the tank time to keep the aggro up, allow everyone else to get in their good shots, and then to get out of the way when he enrages. But, when the enrage is up, all of the other raiding party members need to move in asap and finish him off. Any Shamans that are in the party should not use their bloodlust or heroism until after the enrage since it will do more damage then.

And, just like other bosses in the game, he spouts out some funny sayings… here are some of my favorites to end this mini-guide:“All mortals will perish!” - he yells this when he is aggroed… which is funny if you play an Undead.“Your own strength feeds me, !” - he yells this when a player dies, which is nice that he calls you by name.“The Legion… will never… fall.” - as he falls to the ground.