WoW Boss Strategy Guide - Razorscale

WoW Boss Strategy Guide - Razorscale
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Razorscale is the third boss encounter in Ulduar. She is considered an “optional” boss along with Ignis the Furnace Master, since the raid can proceed right past both onto XT-002. Razorscale is believed to be the product of the “plans” Loken had for Thorim’s mount, Veranus, being a plated Proto-drake.

Razorscale has three phases. Phase one and two are alternating air and ground phases until her life reaches 50%. Phase three is a purely ground phase from 50-0%.

Phase One - Air

To begin the encounter, speak to the Expedition Commander. Positioning is key on this fight. The raid must split into groups so that each one can handle the adds coming from the mole machines. Other than add damage, the main source of damage is from Razorscale’s Devouring Flame, which can be largely avoided by following the “don’t stand in fire” basic rule of World of Warcraft. Of all the adds that spawn, Dark Rune Watchers are the most dangerous, and the raid DPS should immediately focus them down. At least two dedicated interrupters should be spread between the mole machine spawning points, and they should concentrate on interrupting the Watchers' chain lightning ability (not lightning bolt!).

There is only one add that is more important to kill than the Watchers, and that is a Sentinel. Sentinels are random spawns the come only from the center mole machine area, but need to be focused down immediately. In any given fight there could be very few of them, or many of them. It is completely unpredictable.

Phase Two - Ground

From the time you start the fight, your Dwarven allies will be working to repair the harpoons. The adds that spawn will attempt to attack the Dwarves, so tanks need to be aware and pick them up quickly. As you’re fighting adds, you’ll receive on-screen messages whenever a Harpoon comes online. Once three of the four are online, a designated DPS raid member needs to move to the harpoons and begins using them. Once all four have been used, the Dwarves will pin her to the ground, during which time your DPS needs to open up completely on her.

Since there is only a short window of time during which you can DPS Razorscale before she breaks free, it is good to coordinate the last Watcher kill with the use of the final harpoon. That way DPS is not tied down elsewhere while Razorscale is pinned. When she is about to break free she will use a Flame Breath to destroy the turrets. All raid members need to be behind her so as not to get hit by the breath. As she flies away she will use Wing Buffet, and convert back to phase one.

Phase Three

Razorscale strategy

Once you have alternated enough Air and Ground phases, phase three will begin. You should be able to get her to phase three during your second ground phase if everyone is doing their job correctly and your DPS stays alive. At 50% life, Razorscale becomes permanently grounded and the fight turns into a big DPS race. She will continue to use her normal Flame Breath and Wing Buffet, in addition to two new abilities.

One of these is a Flame Buffet, that she will continually apply to the entire raid. Flame Buffet is a stacking debuff that increases the amount of fire damage taken. Any veteran of Blackwing Lair should be quite intimately acquainted with this ability.

Her other new ability is called Fuse Armor, and she will use it on the tank. This debuff decreases the tanks movement speed, attack speed, and armor. In addition to this, she will still leave patches of flame on the ground, which forces the tanks to drag her around to avoid them. This means that Fuse Armor can make it impossible for the tanks to avoid the flame patches, in addition to lowering their threat generation and survivability. To compensate, tanks should swap with eachother, and alternate using damage reducing and death preventing abilities.

The stacking Flame Buffet serves as a soft-enrage for the encounter, in addition to the hard enrage of ten minutes. That is why this final phase is considered a DPS race. Your raid needs to kill her before the buffet stacks so high that her simple abilities become deadly.

So long as DPS is on task and does not get killed by avoidable damage, your raid should easily succeed in bringing Razorscale down.

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