How to: Defeat Dalronn and Skarvald in Utgarde Keep - Free WoW Dungeon Guide

How to: Defeat Dalronn and Skarvald in Utgarde Keep - Free WoW Dungeon Guide
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Skarvald the Constructor and Dalronn the Controller are an odd marriage, one being a Vrykul foreman and the other a Necromancer. Regardless of how you feel about their lifestyle choices, the fight against these two bosses occurs as one encounter. Not much information is given about either boss - not even what their purpose in standing together is. It is guessed that Skarvald is in charge of building the tunnel to Gjalerbron - perhaps the necromancer is helping him to “raise” and control a work force? Skarvald is a warrior-type NPC that likes to do a random charge as his primary ability. Dalronn is a fan of chain-casting Shadow Bolts on random targets.

Abilities - Skarvald the Constructor

Charge: Charges an enemy, inflicting 35% of the caster’s normal damage and stuns the target by 2 sec. 5 - 30 yd range. This is a randomly targeted charge on players standing 5 or more yards away.

Charge (Heroic): Charges an enemy, inflicting 35% of the caster’s normal damage and stuns the opponent for 2 sec. This is a randomly targeted charge that can hit any player, including ones at point blank range.

Stone Strike: Inflicts 100% of normal weapon damage and knocks back the enemy.

Enrage: Increases the caster’s attack speed by 30% and the Physical damage it deals by 10% for 10 sec.

Abilities - Dalronn the Controller

Debilitate: Debilitates the target, lowering melee attack, spell casting, movement, and ranged attack speeds by 50%. Deals 750 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec.

Shadow Bolt (Normal): Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 2700 to 3300 Shadow damage. This ability is randomly targeted.

Shadow Bolt (Heroic): Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 4050 to 4950 Shadow damage. This ability is randomly targeted.

Summon Skeletons (Heroic): Summons two Skeleton Minions near the caster.


There are two methods your group can choose between that are both equally successful at winning this fight. When one of the bosses is killed, the other will resurrect them as an untargetable, undamageable ghost that carries out its previous attacks, but appears to have no aggro table. For this reason, many groups choose to kill these bosses in unison by buring one to 10 or 20%, then the other, and then bringing them down together. The advantage to this method is that you never have to deal with the ghost mob. The disadvantage is that for the full length of the fight the party is taking damage from both bosses.

The second method for dealing with these two is to burn down Dalronn first. Yes, this does in fact mean that he will come back as a ghost and start throwing random Shadow Bolts at players. But, that is exactly what he did when he was alive. Doing it this way means that DPS can focus on one boss at a time and not worry about how synchronized their deaths are.

No matter what, do not burn down Skarvald first. This will almost always result in a wipe.


Because of Skarvald’s random charge on normal mode it is advisable to keep the group all stacked on top of eachother. This prevents him from performing his Charge ability because it has a 5 yard minimum range. Skarvald does not do a Cleave, so there is no disadvantage to this positioning.

On Heroic Mode, however, the Charge has no minimum range and can hit anybody, even if they’re standing right on top of him. In this case, it is better to keep ranged DPS and the healer at maximum range to increase the time that the Charge takes. After charging, Skarvald will return to the tank. The only time you would stack the Healer on the tank on Heroic mode is if the entire group but the healer is melee. If there is one player standing at range Skarvald will almost always Charge them, so if the healer is the only person with range then chances are that they are going to die.

Heroic Skeletons

The summoned Skeletons are vulnerable to all undead crowd control, like Turn Evil, Shackle Undead, and Traps. It is recommended that DPS focus on burning down skeletons as fast as possible, and then returning to DPS the bosses. The tank can pick up the skeletons, but doesn’t need to. DPS should ensure that there is not a skeleton beating on the healer.



Skarvald’s Dragonskin Habergeon - Leather melee chest

Arm Blade of Augelmir - Main Hand Fist weapon

Chestplate of the Northern Lights - Plate Caster chest


Bindings of the Tunneler - Leather melee bracers

Dalronn’s Jerkin - Mail Caster chest

Helmet of the Constructor - Plate Caster helm

Dagger of Betrayal - Melee Dagger

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