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Leroy Jenkins

Leroy Jenkins is by far the most famous World of Warcraft inside joke. As many well know, Leroy made his Youtube mark when he became impatient during a raid and ran into a room full of mobs while shouting, “Lets do this chums… Leeeerooooy Jeeeeenkins!” It has gone cross-cultural and is shouted in raids across many games. Leroy Jenkins also won an award from G4 in this video spoof.

While it has been discovered that the video was staged from the very beginning, it was so incredibly amusing that its popularity continues to grow. In virtually any MMO you can get an amused reaction from people by simply uttering this infamous name.

More DOTs - Onyxia wipe

If Leroy comes in first, it can most definitely be said that the More DOTs video is close behind. The More DOTs Youtube video features a crazed raid leader going spastic on his team as they fail to follow orders. It has also gone cross-cultural, and more DOTs and 50 DKP minus is jokingly shouted, accent included, by many raiders in numerous games.

It is a shame there is no live in-game video of the raid in question, but amused fans of the teamspeak / ventrilo sound capture have added their own animations to improve the viewing experience.

WOW – Molten Core

Blizzard’s April’s fool’s joke announcing the new World of Warcraft – Molten Core comes in at third. Along with it, “Skinning a bear will now aggro every bears, in a 40 yard radius.” Players went nuts over this, and their logical response was:

“It makes sense! You’re actually skinning their best friend!”

Mankirk’s Wife

Mankirk’s wife is a horde quest to find his dead wife’s body. For some reason or another, it seems that newbies can’t find her body, and are continuously spamming Barren’s chat with, “WHERE’S MANKIRKS WIF!11” Veteran players will often post this as a forum thread, or just randomly toss it into guild chat as a joke. It should also be noted that the spelling is actually Mankrik, adding another twist to the joke.

* She is in a tent, southwest of the bridge that is south of the crossroads.

Shadow Priests - they melt faces

Have you ever heard another player say, “Shadow Priests melt faces in PVP” or “A Shadow Priest will melt your face?” Well, that is probably because they do, or you can go with one of two conflicting reasons found on Urban Dictionary.

Explanation one:

“Began on the World of Warcraft Priest class forum when a player posted a thread asking if Shadow Priests were any good on PVP servers. The first response was “You will melt faces as a shadow priest in pvp.” Hundreds of posts followed that were some variant of this original post.

The ability to “melt faces” is now being used to not only describe shadow priests in World of Warcraft, but anything that “owns” or is “elite."

Explanation two:

“Melt faces” comes from the shadow priest ability “mind flay.” When this ability was given to shadow priests, it was abbreviated as MF. When people asked how they died to a shadow priest (a previously weak class in World of Warcraft), they were told that shadow priests MF now. This became “melt faces”, as the spell slows the target and it sounds cool.”

Bard Hero Class

Coming in at number five, we have the Bard Hero class. This was also an April’s Fool’s day joke. While it was obviously a spoof, many players wished that they could play the class, and have the ability to take out mobs with the power of rock.

This spoof was clearly inspired by the popularity of rhythm based console games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Of course, the problem with spoofs like this is they make players disappointed when they find out something as fun and interesting as this class is not really going to happen. Sometimes April Fool’s Day jokes can backfire on a game developer!

Tell Us Your Favorites!

There are countless amusing inside jokes throughout the game and the community of World of Warcraft. I could only pick five for this article, and it was definitely tough to choose.

So which ones did I miss? Which ones should have been included in this article or should be included in a future article?

We want to hear from you! Please post your favorite WoW Inside Jokes in the comments.

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