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When it comes to World of Warcraft professions, Alchemy is one of the harder professions to level but it can actually be one of the most profitable professions in the game if you know what you are doing. If you choose Alchemy as a profession, then you need to choose Herbalism as the other, so that you can gather the herbs that you need for leveling Alchemy without having to purchase them off the auction house. As for recipes for your Alchemy, most of them you will be able to get from your Alchemy trainer, but many you will have to either farm or purchase off of the auction house. There are special vendors throughout the game that have great recipes for sale as well, so you can usually get the specific ones you need that way without worrying about farming.

One of the cool things about Alchemy is that once you get to the specialization stage, you can really make some good money by transmuting different items for players. While there is a cool down, usually 24-48 hours, the items that you transmute are worth the gold and the time to make them.

To level your Alchemy is actually pretty easy as long as you know which items to make, and which to not even worry about. So, this mini guide is to help you get from level 1 to level 375, and choose which specialization is right for you. The first part of this mini guide will actually give you the number of materials that you will need to go from level 1 to level 375 so you can start gathering them and storing them away.

Materials Needed:

Peacebloom = 60

Silverleaf = 60

Mageroyal = 20

Briarthorn = 90

Stranglekelp = 50

Wild Steelbloom = 10

Kingblood = 40

Liferoot = 40

Goldthorn = 50

Khadgar’s Whiskers = 20

Sungrass = 70

Blindweed = 35

Arthas' Tears = 25

Golden Sansam = 80

Mountain Silversage = 30

Felweed = 60

Ragveil = 40

Dreaming Glory = 80

Nightmare Vine = 40

Empty Vials = 60

Leaded Vials = 105

Crystal Vials = 90

Imbued Vial = 100

As long as you choose Herbalism as your other profession, you pretty much only have to buy the vials to level your Alchemy up. There will be some herbs that are a bit harder to find, but you should always gather any herbs that you come across so that you have a stockpile in your bank when you need them. (One herb that is particularly hard to find is Sungrass, but if you circle the Hinterlands several times, you will find a ton of them spawn there.)

The next section of this mini guide to Alchemy will take you from level 1 to level 200 so that you will know exactly which potions and elixirs to make – and which to avoid for now.

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