Your Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Herbalism

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For Herbalists, the market is usually very profitable. In fact, no matter how high you get in this profession, you should always take the time to stop and gather herbs when you see them even if you can’t use them for anything else. Lower level alchemists and others are always looking through AH for these herbs that they don’t have the time, or the want to, to gather on their own. Just remember that the bigger the stack, the more money you’ll make.

For mid level players, there are a couple of places in WoW where you can earn a substantial amount of gold by using your herbalism skills. For example, both factions can use this one:

In Un’Goro, you will find a quest chain that starts with “Morrowgrain Research”. In this chain, you are given a packet of seeds, an Evergreen pouch, and a couple of Un’Goro Soils. You use them together to grow herbs, and you will get all kinds. You are looking for the Morrowgrain for the quest, but after the quest is completed, you can continue to purchase seed packets and get more herbs. From Goldthorn (which normally sells very well to Kingsblood, you will get all sorts that you can make a high profit on at the AH. So, when you consider that you purchase the seed packets for about 2g, then you make up to 20g off of the herbs you grow, you’ve made a monster profit!

Now, as you are using this pouch, you’ll need to get more of the Un’Goro soil to grow the seeds in. You can find it in Un’Goro, on almost all the monsters there when you loot them. Or, you can buy it on the AH. Of course, it’s easier to kill for it and sell it as well, so you’ll make even more gold.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait for the cool down on the pouch, you can always hit Zul’Gurub. Here, you’ll find some great herbs without the hassle of cool downs and so on. There are piles of Jinxed Hoodoo that you can loot for herbs, and some good ones at that. If you have a Blood Scythe, you will have a great chance of getting Bloodvine, which sells for a great price on AH. But, these piles are heavily guarded, so if you have a friend who wants the kills or skins, have them grind while you gather. It can be a win-win for both of you.

One trick that will help you here, is to strip off your armor before you go in. While this sounds odd, here is the strategy behind it. While in ZG, if you aggro a mob, it will follow you all over, not giving up. So, if you already have no armor then you won’t have to find a repair shop each time. When you consider that the high the armor you have, the higher the bill, and you’re only in this for the great loot and big pay items that come out of the piles, then it’s worth it to run “naked” for a bit.

One other place that is very profitable right now is Zangarmarsh. Here, there are many quests that require players to kill scores of the Plant Elementals. This is great for Herbalists! Basically, you can “skin” the corpses for their herbs! You simply team or follow players who are on this quest, and you can just go behind them and get all the herbs. Not only will you get some of the lower, medium, and high level herbs, you will also find rare ones, such as “Ancient Lichen” which sells for a ton on most server’s AH.

WoTLK Expansion

Now, with the new profession needing herbs to mill, the market has shot up so high on herbs right now. So, my advice to you is that you pick up this profession and level it as high as possible. Then, you take at least one hour a week and simply run around an area gathering up herbs. I do this, and have my herbalism to the Grand Master status right now, which means that I can basically gather up anything. I run three mat runs a week through different areas of the game, sell all the herbs on the AH on the weekends, and I bank between 500-1500 gold a weekend.

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