How To Obtain Crusader Title in WoW 3.2: Grinding Orgrimmar and Darkspear Trolls for Argent Tournament Achievement

How To Obtain Crusader Title in WoW 3.2: Grinding Orgrimmar and Darkspear Trolls for Argent Tournament Achievement
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Grinding Orgrimmar Reputation

The best way to start gaining reputation with Orgrimmar is to do all the starter quests for Orcs and Trolls. This would begin with Valley of Trials then moving on to Sen’jin Village and then hitting Razor Hill.

(Note: Keep in mind that some or most of the quests here would give reputation for both Darkspear Trolls as well as Orgrimmar. Most often you get more of Darkspear Trolls. The reason for this is that Orcs and Trolls share the starting area)

Do virtually every quest you can grab in Durotar which includes the above mentioned sub-zones since they give potloads of reputation for both factions. Once you are done with this starter zone move into Orgrimmar and grab a quest for RFC(Ragefire Chasm) given by

the guy right outside the instance along with “Hidden Enemies” given by Thrall himself. Also get two other quests for this very instance from Thunder Bluff, namely - Testing an Enemy’s Strength and Returning the Lost Satchel. Even though they would give Thunder Bluff rep it is still worth doing them since they each give 500 rep a piece.

Once you are through with these you can move onto the good old Barrens. Here almost all of the quests especially from Crossroads give atleast 250 rep along with 62-63 splash rep for other cities.

(Note: Listing down each and every quest that gives a certain type of reputation is virtually impossible. Although I will try to list all the key quests which give enormous amount of rep for each of the home cities. Make sure to use this tool provided by wowhead to track and filter specific reputation quests that you are looking for - be it Instance quests, daily quests or normal quests)

Darkspear Trolls Madness

For this particular faction you will have to do quite a lot of world-tour in Azeroth. Most of the quests that give Darkspear Trolls rep are spread out widely throughout the world balancing between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Some of the key quests that you could do quickly to gain reputation with this faction are listed below:

Darkspear Trolls

1. I had mentioned this above and I will mention this again. Starting zone. A lot of the quests would give reputation for both Darkspear Trolls as well as Orgrimmar. At level 80 you can complete most of these starting zone quests pretty quickly so it is worth the time spent to do them.

2. Some of the quests in Barrens which include Egg Hunt, the harpy chain which leads to Malaka’Jin in Stonetalon Mountains give significant amount of rep. Two quests also can be completed in Malaka’Jin itself.

3. There are two trolls surrounding a cauldron at Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. Complete all the quests including the one that leads to Hinterlands.

4. There are trolls inside the outpost of Hammerfall. Completing all Stromgarde quest chains. Further, other quests like the one to kill Marez Cowl and the raptor chain involving Gor’mul and Tor’gan, are worth significant reputation.

5. There is a troll-dominated village called Shadowprey in the southwestern part of Desolace. You can complete all of these quests too.

6. Zoram Strand is another location in the northwestern area of Ashenvale. All of the quests given by them also give insane amount of Darkspear Trolls rep including the Blackfathom Deeps quests that precede after the normal ones.

Thunder Bluff (a.k.a. City of Cows)

Thunder Bluff reputations can be gained in several ways. But the best way to start with them is the starter noob zones again. Start with Red Cloud Mesa in Mulgore and move onto Bloodhoof Village finishing up every quest you can pick up from these cows. Once done with these, get to Camp Taurajo in Southern Barrens and grab the quest Melor Sends Word.

Thunder Bluff

While you are here go a little bit south of this Camp and lookout for two specific things. One is Owatanka that drops Owatanka’s Tail Spike which starts the quest Owatanka and other is Chen’s Empty Keg. Although the Chen’s Empty Keg quest chain would mostly give Orgrimmar reputation it is still worth picking it up while you are here simply because you might as well do it in your Journey to Crusader.

Next get to Crossroads and pick up Plainstrider Menace. Even though the first 5 quests of this quest chain gives Orgrimmar rep and and just splash rep to other cities it is still worth picking up because from the 6th quest onwards you would be getting Thunder Bluff rep - and a lot of it; mostly 350 rep per quest.

Go back to Thunder Bluff, turn in the quest Melor Sends Word and pick up two quests namely Steelsnap and Deadmire. Complete these along with the the next quest Frostmaw for a good chunk of rep.

You can also pick up some instance quests, some of which are, A Vengeful Fate that also starts at Thunder Bluff itself and also those mentioned above for Ragefire Chasm.

Last but not the least, is Morrowgrain Research quest. This is a repeatable quest that can be also done in Thunder Bluff to gain splash reputation with all of the cities, although, I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have a lot of time to invest and money to buy lots of Un’Goro Soil.

Undercity Reputation

Again the best strategy here would be to start with the starting zone for Undead which would be Tirisfal Glades. There are 3 main zones you will want to hit before getting out of this area. First will be Deathknell the starting zone for Undead leading into Brill.

City of the Dead

Every single quest here will give Undercity reputation.

Next you will want to hit Sepulcher. You heard that right. There are a lot of quests to be done here along with a quest that leads into the instance Shadowfang Keep. There is also one quest that starts from a dead guy inside the instance itself. Each of these will give you 500 rep each. You can also pick up a quest from Undercity that again leads to the same instance. That quest would be The Book of Ur given by Keeper Bel’dugur at the Apothecarium. Again this quest also gives 500 rep which totals to 1500 just to do 3 simple quests in one single instance.

More Tips on Undercity Reputation

You can also pick some other quests from Undercity that would lead to different zones in Azeroth to gain Undercity rep. There are just too many quests for this particular faction for some odd reason. But one of my favourites is the Cauldron chain in Western Plaguelands.

A lot of people tend to skip this one but it’s a chain that you can start at the very eastern end of Tirisfal Glades which leads to Western Plaguelands. Also make sure you do pick up All along the Watchtowers and Alas, Andorhal. Both these quests are acquired after completing a small chain but are totally worth it as they give huge amount of splash reputation, with the latter giving 350 for each city.

The Final Grind - Silvermoon City (City of Blood Elves)

To be very honest there aren’t that many quests to be completed for this particular faction as compared to the other factions. Mainly because Silvermoon City came into existence with the introduction of the Blood Elves race that was added with the release of “The Burning Crusade” patch. So not many quests in the old world. But a good news for you would be that by the time you are done with the other four factions you would be well into revered with this faction if not almost exalted. So the amount of effort to be put in would be minimal.

The Beautiful Silvermoon City

Hence I would recommend tryng to grind reputation for this particular faction in the end. Some good quest zones would be as follows:

1. Starter zone (ofcourse). I cannot stress this much, but it is one of the easiest ways to gain reputation with home city factions. This would include Eversong Woods and Ghostlands. Although most of the quests in Ghostlands would give Tranquillen rep it still has a few quests rewarding Silvermoon reputation.

2. Quests in Hellfire Peninsula. Now you must be wondering “what is he talking about?”. There is a zone called Falcon Watch here in Hellfire Peninsula that is run by Silvermoon Covenants. You could do most of these quests if you happened to skip it while leveling to gain some good amount of rep with these guys.

3. Quests that you can get from Silvermoon City itself. Make use of the magnifying glass to track low level quests and get them done.


While this guide may not cover each and every quest or may not be the most efficient way to acquire the ultimate “Crusader” title, but it briefly details the various approaches one could take during the course of Journey. Look at it as more of a reference than a guide. And make sure to mix and match all of the stuff mentioned above to avoid monotony of any kind.

Hope you liked this guide and can put it to good use in your path to attaining “Crusader”. Happy journey!!

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