How to Obtain the Crusader Title and Achievement in World of Warcraft (Horde): Step By Step Guide: Argent Achievement and Reputation

How to Obtain the Crusader Title and Achievement in World of Warcraft (Horde): Step By Step Guide: Argent Achievement and Reputation
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The “Crusader” title, which is a title reward for the achievement of “Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde/Alliance”, requires one to complete almost all of the achievements associated with the Argent Tournament. It is essential to be able to buy some of the new heirloom gears available in patch 3.2 through means of Champion Seals, even though these can also be bought by purely doing some heroic instances and spending “Emblems of Heroism”. To be able to show off the “Crusader” title in WoW, one would have to hit exalted status with all of the home factions, be it horde or alliance. And not to forget, the amount of time spent jousting and doing dailies to become a champion, (via the Argent Tournament) of every Horde or Alliance city faction. All this will also bag you some other titles and achievements along the way.

This guide will mainly take you through the “Horde” version of the Crusader title and how to go about getting it for yourself efficiently and systematically without putting in too much effort. So without further loss of time let’s get right down to business.

Getting Started with the Achievement Requirements

If you are totally new to the whole Argent Tournament madness itself, take a look at this - “Argent Tournament Basics” along with the 3.2 additions. You will get a basic idea about the whole thing and a bird’s eye view of the different achievements required to ultimately obtain the title along with other goodies related to Argent tournament.

Although the whole process of reaching the Crusader title is a painstaking one, the rewards and other goodies you get after getting the title will be more than appreciated for a while. The beauty lies in the extra rewards and daily quests that you end up earning besides being a champion of at least one faction.

Firstly you will have to start with the starter quests and work your way up through to Champion Status with your home city and eventually all of the other home factions. So here we go…

Reputation breakdown

Every quest in the valiant phase rewards you with 250 Sunreaver rep, and also 250 rep for the city faction for which the quest is completed along with 62 extra reputation for other associated city factions, also known as splash rep.

(Note: Rep - short for Reputation will be used a lot in the next few parts of the guide)

Some of you may or may not know this but when you gain reputation for one particular city, you will also gain 25% splash rep for the other cities. This change was made when “The Burning Crusade” patch was released. This is why people who started during this patch or after it normally have good city reputations as they hit level 80. The reason for this is, most of the leveling quests in the old world give city specific reputation. The leveling got a lot smoother after this patch with the amount of experience being reduced per level. So all those who started before this would find their reputation tabs showing significantly lower numbers as compared to others.

There are 4 daily quests in the Valiant phase for each city. You would have to repeat them five times to get to the champion phase. So by doing this minimum amount of dailies for each of the cities, you would be rewarded 5000 rep for each city and 1250 spillover rep for the associated cities

Champion of the Horde

For instance, if you complete enough daily quests to become a “Champion of Thunder Bluff” you would end up gaining 5000 rep for Thunder Bluff and an additional 1250 rep for each other city.

Thus, you would earn 10,000 rep for each city if you become a champion of every city.

  • 5000 for valiant phase for that city
  • 5000 splash rep from the other four cities

So if you are just starting Argent Tournament with 10,000 rep or less from being exalted with your home cities all you need to do is become a Champion of each city and you automatically become a Crusader. Make sure you don’t turn in your champion quests for writs, (Writs can be turned in for city reputation) which you wont be needing, rather take the money.

Building your Reputation using Argent Tournament: Valiant Specific Quests

Valiant Quests

Just becoming a Champion may not get you enough rep to hit exalted with all the cities if your reputation is significantly low. Here’s what you can do.

The 4 daily quests in the valiant stage are repeatable as long as you dont complete the stage and hand in to proceed to become a Champion. So that would total you 1000 rep plus 250 splash rep for other cities. Keep a watch on your reputation tab, since you dont want to do more than you actually need. The splash rep that you gain might be enough that can save you some extra grinding.

This applies quite a bit for Silvermoon, since they barely offer enough reputation specific quests while leveling. One of the starting zone for Silvermoon ends up giving Tranquillen rep instead of Silvermoon which is quite annoying.

Argent Tournament: Champion Quests

Becoming a Champion with atleast one of the faction unlocks 4 daily Champion quests. The rewards:

  • Sunreaver/Silver Covenant - 250 rep

  • Argent Crusade (Ebon Blade if you are Death Knight) - 250 rep

Each of these dailies reward you with a Champion Seal and a choice of 10 gold or a Champion Writ. The Champion Seals can be spent on various items or saved for the future to buy different kinds of heirloom gear. And the Writs as mentioned above can be turned in for a token that grants 250 rep for a faction of your choice.

Here’s what you gain by completing all of the Valiant and Champion dailies each day:

  1. 1000 rep for each city
  2. 2000 Sunreaver/Silver Covenant rep
  3. 250 splash rep for other cities
  4. 1000 Argent Crusade/Ebon Blade rep
  5. Choice between 10 or Champion’s Writ

Pretty Amazing huh?

And if you can’t wait too long to get your title you can start hitting the low level noob zones for some quick rep. This will be covered in detail in the next few sections.

Starter Zone Quests

Low level Quests

Ready for the starter zones? Here’s what you should be doing first. Locate that magnifying glass icon on your minimap on your screen and set its filter to ‘Low Level Quests’ in the drop down list.

Next, get to those very starting zones to start doing very low level quests. Remember your good old days!!. All of the starting zones for each race give some really nice reputation, one exception being Silvermoon. This would include the very starting zone along with the next few zones consisting of level 5-20 range of quests. Low level quests may not always give splash reputation though, but it is worth doing them at level 80 since you can skim through these zones real quick.

There are also higher level quests which give city reputation. We will try to cover them in detail below.

At level 80 you can pretty much solo all of the old world instances. So it would be smart to also pick up instance specific quests, since most of them would reward slightly higher rep than normal quests and you can also rake in some stacks of cloth to turn in for extra rep (see below).

Repeatable Cloth Turn-in Quests

This is something most of you would probably already know. Every city has a Cloth Quartermaster that you can go to, to turn in cloth for reputation for that particular city. So the cloth that you have stacked up in your bank grinding those instances can be put to good cause now.

Runecloth much?

Normally you can find these guys near the tailoring trainer in the capital city of your choice. You can get 750 rep initially by turning in 60 wool cloth, 60 silk cloth and 60 mageweave cloth, 250 rep for each type of cloth turn in. Keep in mind though, these quests do not reward extra splash rep.

Completing these quests unlocks the next stage to turn in another 60 runecloth for additional 250 rep.

This in turn unlocks the repeatable quest. Here you can turn in 20 runecloth for 75 rep.

Tip: Running a quick Stratholme can get you easily around 150-200 runecloth here.

If cloth turns out to be cheap on your server you could very well take the 10 gold reward from the Champion quests from Argent tournament and buy the required cloth on a daily basis. Easy way to convert gold into reputation. Although it is highly unlikely that runecloth will be cheaper than just taking the Champion’s Writ which gives a guaranteed 250 rep.

Argent Tournament dailies and Cloth turn-ins are probably the easiest way to get that Crusader title so long as you have the money to invest. Here’s the link to the repeatable quests.

What Next?

Once you have reached this far normally you would be quite close to reaching exalted with each of the home cities. If you dont wish to spend much on cloth turn-ins or dont want to wait a lot of days to complete the dailies you can get down to doing more faction-specific quests to gain your Crusader title. We will cover these aspects in Part 2 of this series.

When you are ready, come back again, and check out the next part of this guide which covers details on faction-specific quests that can be executed quickly to gain enormous amounts of rep. So long then, and have a great journey!!

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