World of Warcraft Lunar Festival Holiday Achievements

World of Warcraft Lunar Festival Holiday Achievements
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The World of Warcraft Lunar Festival Holiday takes place in January or February of each year, depending on the date of the Chinese Lunar New Year upon which the festival is based. During the holiday, players are asked to honor elders throughout Azeroth by speaking to them and completing a quest. Each elder honored awards a Coin of Ancestry and a package in the mail a few hours after the quest is completed. There are 75 total elders.

Players can also participate in a raid-type encounter in Moonglade, where they are asked to defeat Omen, a giant three-headed dog that emerges from the lake once a year. There are achievements for finding all the Elders, as well as some for setting off fireworks and taking down Omen. Check them all out below.

Elders of Eastern Kingdoms

Festival Fireworks in Moonglade

Its worth noting that players of both World of Warcraft factions must speak to all the elders for the achievement, regardless of their being located in settlements controlled by rival factions. This makes from some interesting hit and run tactics during the holiday.

To earn the “Elders of Eastern Kingdoms” achievement, players (not surprisingly) must speak to each of the Eastern Kingdoms Elders. They are: Goldwell the Elder in Kharanos, Bellowrage the Elder in Blasted Lands, Stormbrow the Elder in Goldshire, Meadowrun the Elder in Western Plaguelands, Starglade the Elder in Zul’Gurub, Winterhoof the Elder in Booty Bay, Silvervein the Elder in Thelsamar, Skychaser the Elder in Sentinel Hill, Rumblerock the Elder in Burning Steppes, Dawnstrider the Elder in Flame Crest, and Highpeak the Elder in Hinterlands.

Also found in Eastern Kingdoms are Ironband the Elder in Searing Gorge, Graveborn the Elder in Brill, Obsidian the Elder in Sepulcher, Windrun the Elder in Eastern Plaguelands, Snowcrown the Elder in Light’s Hope Chapel, and Moonstrike the Elder in Scholomance.

Elders of Kalimdor

Festival Location in Moonglade

Similarly, players can earn the “Elders of Kalimdor” achievement by locating and speaking to all the elders in Kalimdor. They are: Runetotem the Elder in Razor Hill, Skygleam the Elder in Azshara, Moonwarden the Elder in Crossroads, High Mountain the Elder in Camp Taurajo, Windtotem the Elder in Ratchet, Bladeleaf the Elder in Dolanaar, Starweave the Elder in Auberdine, Bloodhoof the Elder in Bloodhoof Village, Riversong the Elder in Astranaar, Grimtotem the Elder in Feralas, Mistwalker the Elder in Dire Maul, and Nightwind the Elder in Felwood.

Also found in Kalimdor are: Skyseer the Elder in Freewind Post, Morningdew the Elder in Mirage Raceway, Ragetotem the Elder in Tanaris, Dreamseer the Elder in Gadgetzan, Thunderhorn the Elder in Un’Goro, Brightspear the Elder in Winterspring, Stonespire the Elder in Everlook, Primestone the Elder in Silithus, and Bladesing the Elder in Cenarion Hold.

Elders of Northrend

Valadar Starsong in Moonglade

The “Elders of Northrend” achievement is the reward for showing some courtesy to all the elders in Northrend: Sardis the Elder in Valiance Keep, Beldak the Elder in Westfall Brigade, Morthie the Elder in Stars' Rest, Fargak the Elder in Frosthold, Arp the Elder in D.E.H.T.A.Camp, Northal the Elder in Transitus Shield, Sandrene the Elder in Lakeside Landing, Wanikaya the Elder in Rainspeaker Rapids, Lanaro the Elder in Ruins of Tethys, Bluewolf the Elder in Wintergrasp, and Tauros the Elder in Zim’Torga.

Further Northrend elders: Thoim the Elder in Moa’ki Harbor, Graymane the Elder in K3, Stonebeard the Elder in Bouldercrag’s Refuge, Pamuya the Elder in Warsong Hold, Whurain the Elder in Camp Oneqwah, Skywarden the Elder in Agmar’s Hammer, and Mauraco the Elder in Camp Tunka’lo.

Elders of the Dungeons

To earn the “Elders of the Dungeons” achievement, players must venture into WoW’s various dungeons to find the following elders: Wildmane the Elder in Zul’Farrak, Starsong the Elder in Sunken Temple, Splitrock the Elder in Maraudon, Stonefort the Elder in Blackrock Spire, Morndeep the Elder in Blackrock Depths, Farwhisper the Elder in Stratholme, Elder Jarten in Utgarde Keep, Elder Igasho in The Nexus, Elder Nurgen in Azjol-Nerub, Elder Kilias in Drak’Tharon Keep, Elder Ohanzee in Gundrak (Heroic), Yurauk in the Halls of Stone, and Elder Chogan’gada in Utgarde Pinnacle.

Elders of the Horde and Alliance

Festival Finery

To earn the “Elders of the Horde” achievement, players must speak to the Horde elders located in their capital cities. They are: Darkhorn the Elder in Orgrimmar, Darkcore the Elder in Thunder Bluff, and Proudhorn the Elder in Undercity.

Similarly, the “Elders of the Alliance” achievement is the reward for players who speak to Bladeswift the Elder in Darnassus, Bronzebeard the Elder in Ironforge, and Hammershout the Elder in Stormwind.

Coins of Ancestry Achievements

There are a series of achievements awarded for collecting Coins of Ancestry from the elders. Each is fairly self-explanatory, so I’ll just list them here: “A Coin of Ancestry,” “5 Coins of Ancestry,” “10 Coins of Ancestry,” “25 Coins of Ancestry,” and “50 Coins of Ancestry.”

Non-Elder Achievements


Believe it or not, there are a few Lunar Festival achievements not related to the festival’s elders. Players can earn the “Lunar Festival Finery” achievement by purchasing a Festive Pant Suit or Festive Dress in Moonglade with their coins of ancestry. “The Rocket’s Red Glare” is awarded to those who manage to shoot off 10 [Red Rocket Clusters] in 25 seconds or less. Earn the “Frenzied Firecracker” achievement by shooting off 10 [Festival Firecrackers] in less than 30 seconds.

Finally, earn the “Elune’s Blessing” achievement by completing the “Elune’s Blessing” quest by defeating Omen in Moonglade. You may want to grab a few friends for this one.

“To Honor One’s Elders” Meta-Achievement

Like all of World of Warcraft’s Holidays, the Lunar Festival has its own meta-achievement earned by completing many of the holiday-specific achievements. To earn the “To Honor One’s Elders” achievement and the title of , players must complete the following Lunar Festival achievements: “Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms,” “Elders of Kalimdor,” “Elders of the Dungeons,” “Elders of the Horde,” “Elders of the Alliance,” “Elders of Northrend,” “50 Coins of Ancestry,” “Lunar Festival Finery,” “The Rocket’s Red Glare,” “Frenzied Firecracker,” and “Elune’s Blessing.”

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