Guide to World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil Achievements

Guide to World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil Achievements
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The Feast of Winter Veil is one of my favorite times in Azeroth. Decorations are up, presents are under the tree just waiting to be opened, and a giant green yeti stalks through the mountains of Alterac. There are reindeer to be saved, shipments to be recovered, and snowballs to be thrown at the leaders of your respective faction. All in all, a merry old time.

Here are all the World of Warcraft achievements you can earn during the festival:

Holiday Quest Achievements

Earn the “On Metzen!” achievement by completing the quest to save Metzen the reindeer. The quest, “Metzen the Reindeer,” is given by either Kaymard Copperpinch in Orgrimmar or Wulmort Jinglepocket in Ironforge. Find them stationed near Greatfather Winter’s chair and the city’s Winter Veil tree. Just look for the presents.

Get the “Simply Abominable” achievement for completing the quest to retrieve the stolen Smokywood Pastures' treats and receive a Smokywood Pastures' Thank You! package. The final quest achievement, “He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty” is for those who open one of the presents under the tree during the Feast of Winter Veil.

PvP Achievement

The “With a Little Helper from My Friends” achievement is the reward for earning 50 honorable kills after being transformed into a Little Helper by the Winter Wondervolt Machine located in most capital cities.

Nothing moves my heart like a herd of gnomes in Christmas attire beating the crap out of each other on a battlefield, but I digress.

Winter Veil Presents

The “‘Tis the Season” achievement is the reward for those who don three pieces of winter clothing and eat “Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake.”

“The Winter Veil Gourmet” is the reward for creating a [Gingerbread Cookie], [Egg Nog], and [Hot Apple Cider] during the festival.

Holiday Mischief

Greatfather Winter

Mischievous players of either faction can earn the “Scrooge” achievement by tossing a snowball at either King Magni Bronzebeard in Ironforge or Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff during the festival.

To Earn the “Fa-la-la-la-Ogri’la” achievement, players must complete the level 70 “Bomb them Again” quest while mounted on a flying reindeer.

To earn the “Crashin’ and Thrashin'” achievement, use your [Crashin' Thrashin' Racer] to crash into 25 other players' cars during the festival.

The “Let it Snow” achievement is the reward for those who manage to use a [Handful of Snowflakes] on each of the following race/class combinations: Orc Death Knight, Human Warrior, Tauren Shaman, Night Elf Druid, Undead Rogue, Troll Hunter, Gnome Mage, Dwarf Paladin, Blood Elf Warlock, and Draenei Priest.

There are two separate faction version of the “Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s” achievement. Alliance players must use [Mistletoe] on all of the following “Brothers” throughout Azeroth: Brother Nimetz in Stranglethorn Vale, Brother Wilhelm in Goldshire, Brother Kristoff in Stormwind, Brother Karman in Theramore, Brother Joshua in Stormwind, Brother Crowley in Stormwind, Brother Cassius in Stormwind, Brother Benjamin in Stormwind and Brother Anton in Nigel’s Point.

The Horde version is a bit easier, as players of that faction only need to seek out Brother Malach in the Undercity, Durkot Wolfbrother in Warsong Hold, and Brother Keltan in Icecrown.

To earn the “A Frosty Shake” achievement, use a [Winter Veil Disguise Kit] to become a snowman and then dance with another snowman in Dalaran.

The “Merrymaker” Meta-Achievement

Wulmort Jinglepocket

To earn the “Merrymaker” meta-achievement along with the title “Merrymaker,” players must complete all of the following Feast of Winter Veil achievements: “On Metzen!” “Scrooge,” “‘Tis the Season,” “Simply Abominable,” “Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s,” “He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty,” “With a Little Helper from My Friends,” “Fa-la-la-la-Ogri’la,” “Crashin’ and Thrashin'” Let it Snow," “The Winter Veil Gourment,” and “A Frosty Shake.”

“Merrymaker” is also a part of the “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…” meta-achievement, which awards the ultra-rare Violet Proto-Drake flying mount.

Good luck tracking down all the achievements and I hope you have a merry Feast of Winter Veil. Don’t forget to be a good little WoW character, or else you’ll find the presents under the tree empty come December 25th.

For more on the holiday, be sure to check out our guide to Winter Veil Quests and Drops, as well.

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