Guide to World of Warcraft World Event Achievements: WoW Achievements Earned During Children's Week

Guide to World of Warcraft World Event Achievements: WoW Achievements Earned During Children's Week
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World events are one of the most unique and interesting aspects of World of Warcraft. From fire dancing during the Midsummer Festival to egg hunting during Noblegarden, these limited-time events keep WoW players busy the whole year round.

Children’s Week takes place during May of each year. During this week, players are asked to take an orphan under their wing and show him or her around the wide world of Azeroth (or Outland). There are various WoW achievements awarded upon completion of certain tasks with your orphan present.

Children’s Week Achievements

Sleepy Willy

Earn the “Aw, Isn’t it Cute?” achievement for taking your orphan to a series of sights around the world and earning one of the Children’s Week reward pets: Egbert, Peanut, Mr. Wiggles, Whiskers the Rat, Willy or Speedy.

To get the “Bad Example” achievement, eat one of each of the following sweets while your orphan is watching: Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream (available at the Thousand Needles racetrack), Tasty Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Delicious Chocolate Cake, Lovely Cake Slice, Dalaran Brownie, and a Dalaran Doughnut.

Despite a misleading achievement description, the “Daily Chores” achievement can be earned by simply completing a total of 5 daily quests with your orphan present. The quests do not need to be on five separate days as the description states.

Perhaps the best-named achievement in all of World of Warcraft, “Hail to the King, Baby” is earned by defeating king Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle in your orphan’s presence. This achievement can be completed on regular or heroic difficulty, just make sure to call your orphan before the fight begins.

Make like Macauley Culkin and earn the “Home Alone” achievement by using your hearthstone in front of your orphan. Make sure to double check that you’ve actually earned the achievement, as I the game sometimes fails to award it on the first try.

Outland Children’s Week Orphans

Probably the hardest of the Children’s Week achievements is “School of Hard Knocks.” To earn it, players must complete a series of PvP objectives with their orphan watching. Players must capture a flag in the Eye of the Storm battleground, assault a tower in Alterac Valley, capture a base in Arathi Basin, and return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch.

Some of these objectives can be especially difficult (capturing one of the few towers in AV while competing against the other 39 people on your team, for example), but can be easily accomplished with the fortiutious assistance of a member of the opposing faction. Occasionally, a member of your competition will be helpful enough to recapture towers in AV or repeatedly pick up and drop the flag in WSG so that multiple players of your faction can earn the achievements. If you see someone helping out in this manner, do not kill them. Simply wait your turn and you’ll be one step closer to accomplishing the “For the Children” meta achievement.

The final Children’s Week achievement is “Veteran Nanny.” To earn it, players must acquire the quest reward pets Egbert, Sleepy Willy, and Peanut all on one character. This achievement cannot be completed in one year, as players can only choose a single pet reward during a given holiday.

“For the Children” Meta Achievement

Whiskers the Rat

To earn the “For the Children” meta achievement, WoW Characters must complete all of the Children’s Week achievements with the exception of “Veteran Nanny.” Completion of the meta achievement grants the title of Matron or Patron and unlocks the Children’s Week portion of the “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…” meta achievement.

Taking an orphan under your wing can be a very rewarding experience. Hopefully, by the end of Children’s Week, you will find yourself the proud owner of two new companion pets, a bunch of achievement points, and one step closer to earning that coveted proto drake reward for the “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement.

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