World of Warcraft Achievements: Wow Achievements Related to Gear, Food and Drink, Collection, and Mounts in the "General" Category

World of Warcraft Achievements: Wow Achievements Related to Gear, Food and Drink, Collection, and Mounts in the "General" Category
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The “General” achievement category covers various accomplishments within World of Warcraft, such as equipping your character with all epic gear or showing your /love to the critters of Azeroth.

Here’s part 2 of our rundown of the general achievements. This section covers the gear, collection, food and drink, and mount achievements.

Gear Achievements

There are six gear-based achievements in the “general” category. The “Epic” achievement is the reward for equipping an epic item (minimum level 213) in every slot. It will gain you 25 points. Earn the “Superior” achievement when you equip a superior item (minimum level 187) in every slot. It’s worth 10 points. Roll greed on an item level 185 or better and win to gain the “Greedy” achievement for 10 points. Similarly, roll need on an item level 185 or above to gain ten points and the “Needy” achievement.

For fans of bad puns, there’s the “My Sack is ‘Gigantique’” achievement. Earn it and ten achievement points by equipping Haris Pilton’s [“Gigantique” bag]. Another achievement for big spenders is “Ring of the Kirin Tor,” which you can earn by purchasing a [Signet of the Kirin Tor] or [Band of the Kirin Tor] in Dalaran. It’s also worth 10 points.

Collection Achievements

There are five collection-related achievements in the “general” category. Earn the “Friend or Fowl?” achievement (and 10 points) by slaying 15 turkeys in 3 minutes.

“The Keymaster” achievement is awarded to those who acquire all 11 of the following keys: The Auchenai Key, Crescent Key, Key of Time, Key to the City, Shadow Labyrinth Key, Shadowforge Key, Shattered Halls Key, The Scarlet Key, Skeleton Key, the Workshop Key, and the Violet Hold Key. It’s worth 10 points.

The 10 point achievement “To All the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before” is the reward for performing a /love emote on each of the following critters: Arctic Hare, Borean Frog, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Crab, Deer, Ewe, Fawn, Frog, Gazelle, Hare, Parrot, Prairie Dog, Rabbit, Ram, Sheep, Skunk, Squirrel, Steam Frog, Swine, and Toad.

One of the most involved achievements is “Well Read.” To obtain it, players must read all of the following books in game: “Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt,” “Aftermath of the Second War,” “Arathor and the Troll Wars,” “Archimonde’s Return and the Flight to Kalimdor,” “Beyond the Dark Portal,” “Charge of the Dragonflights,” “Civil War in the Plaguelands,” “Empires' Fall,” “Exile of the High Elves,” “Icecrown and the Frozen Throne,” “Ironforge - the Awakening of the Dwarves,” “Kel’Thuzad and the Forming of the Scourge,” “Kil’jaeden and the Shadow Pact,” “Lethargy of the Orcs,” “Mount Hyjal and Illidan’s Gift,” “Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor,” “Rise of the Blood Elves,” “Rise of the Horde,” “Sargeras and the Betrayal,” “Sunwell - The Fall of Quel’Thalas,” “The Alliance of Lordaeron,” “The Battle of Grim Batol,” “The Betrayer Ascendant,” “The Birth of the Lich King,” “The Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind,” “The Founding of Quel’Thalas,” “The Guardians of Tirisfal,” “The Invasion of Draenor,” “The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity,” “The Last Guardian,” “The Lich King Triumphant,” “The New Horde,” “The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth,” “The Scourge of Lordaeron,” “The Sentinels and the Long Vigil,” “The Seven Kingdoms,” “The Twin Empires,” “The War of the Ancients,” “The World Tree and the Emerald Dream,” “War of the Spider,” “War of the Three Hammers,” and “Wrath of Soulflayer.” Seems like a lot of work for a measly 10 points.

The “Higher Learning” achievement is awarded to those who read the following volumes of “The Schools of Arcane Magic.” ”The Schools of Arcane Magic - Introduction,” “The Schools of Arcane Magic - Abjuration,” “The Schools of Arcane Magic - Conjuration,” “The Schools of Arcane Magic - Divination,” “The Schools of Arcane Magic - Enchantment,” “The Schools of Arcane Magic - Illusion,” “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Necromancy,” and “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Transmutation.” The books can be found in Dalaran and reading them all will earn you 10 points and the [Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery], an item that teleports the player to a spire atop the Violet Citadel where they may obtain a Kirin Tor Familiar companion pet.

Food and Drink Achievements

There are two sustenance-related achievements: “It’s Happy Hour Somewhere,” which you can earn by drinking 25 different beverages (10 points) and “Tastes Like Chicken,” which is the reward for eating 50 different foods (also 10 points).

Mount Achievements

There are seven mount-related achievements in the “general” category. Earn the “Armored Brown Bear” achievement (and 10 points) by acquiring an [Armored Brown Bear] from Mei Francis in Dalaran. The “Wooly Mammoth” is a 10 point achievement for those who convince Francis to give up a [Wolly Mammoth] and the “Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth” achievement is for those who get a [Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth] from Mei. It’s also worth 10 points.

Those who get themselves a [Mekigneer’s Chopper] or a [Mechano-hog] will earn 10 points and the “Get to the Choppa” achievement.

There are three achievements based on your overall mount total. 10 total mounts gets you the “Stable Keeper” achievement, worth 10 points. 25 total mounts gets you 20 points and the “Filling Up The Barn” Achievement. Get ahold of 50 total mounts and you’ll earn 10 points, the “Leading the Cavalry” achievement, and the [Albino Drake] epic flying mount.

That’s all for part 2 of the “general” World of Warcraft achievements. For the level, money, riding skill, vanity pet, tabard, weapon skill, and generic achievements, check out part 1.

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