10 Ways to Know You Have a PC Gaming Problem

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The 10 Signs…

Ok – before I get into writing this article, I want you to mainly know that this is for fun. Of course, I do know some gamers out there who have done some of these things… so these aren’t all made up. Yet, this article is mostly to make you laugh and let you know that it is ok to do some weird stuff sometimes while you are gaming – especially if you have a full raid party… Without further ado, here are your ten ways to know if you have a PC gaming problem:

1.You think that the clock is playing tricks with your mind. In other words, you have played all night and you are trying to convince yourself that the clock magically switched the time on you and should set it back right away so that you don’t get in trouble for staying up all night playing a darn game.

2.You swear that eating is for quitters and lower life forms. In other words, you don’t need to eat because you have an ample supply of candy, pop, and energy drinks to last you for a week. If you have to quit to eat, you could miss something vital to your game play… and that just cannot happen.

3.You shot off an angry email to the makers of adult diapers because they don’t make any in a “Blood Elf” design. In other words, you hit your local stores and found that adult diapers only come in white and that colored markers just do not look the same as those that are printed before you wear them. (Plus, there is something in those markers that made you break out.)

4.You are happy to drink any type of energy drink that promises 5 hours or more of energy as you can pile these up next to you for continuous gaming. In other words, you seriously believe that if you continue to just drink energy drinks over and over and over and over, you don’t ever crash… until you wake up with a keyboard imprint on the side of your face.

5.You talk “gamer”, because OMG, everyone should do it. In other words, you say WTH (what the hell), aggroed (angered), and, of course, OMG (oh my god) to people who don’t even own a computer – much less play PC games.

6.You know that sleep is WAY overrated – after all, you can game for over 18 hours and never blink…. except for those five hours you passed out from exhaustion. In other words, sleep is something that is the last on your list and you simply refuse to stop gaming for, so you pass out whenever you finally get so exhausted that you just can’t go any more.

7.You get so angry at the monster that just killed you that you take out your rage in creative forms. In other words, you got so mad that you smashed everything on your computer desk, threw your energy drink against the wall, flipped your keyboard off the desk, kicked a hole in your door, flung your shoes at the window, gave a deep-gutted roar at the evil and injustice in the world, and continued to let out your rage at inanimate objects… until your neighbors finally called the police because they thought there was an intruder in your house.

8.You wear your “goblin goggles” all the time because they are just too cool. In other words, you have been staring at the computer screen so long that your eyes are now only accustomed to that light source and you cannot stand any other type of light, like sunlight, fluorescent lights, 60-watt bulbs, or even moonlight.

9.You are finally to the point that your computer chair is “broken in”. In other words, you have sat there so long that your behind has made a permanent indention in the chair, so that it molds to every little detail on your butt.

10.You spent a small fortune for custom graphics for your wrist guards so you would fit in with “the guys” better. In other words, you had some stickers put on your wrist braces so that they didn’t look so dorky – especially since you hate telling people that you got carpal tunnel from gaming.

If you find that you have any of these problems, you need to stop and back away from the computer, find the nearest PC gaming addiction center, and check in!