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Guide to Greater Scrolls in Titan Quest Immortal Throne

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Want to know about the greater scrolls in the Titan Quest expansion game of Immortal Throne will do for your toon? Well, here is your mini guide to them all!

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    Scrolls came about in the expansion of Titan Quest with Immortal Throne. These are one time use buffs that have a wide variety of interesting things for your player. Remember to use these wisely as they will only last for a short while when you choose to activate it.

    Greater Scroll of Elemental Shielding – This one requires a character level of 34. It will give a shield around the player that will absorb the damage from elemental attacks. It will last 90 seconds, 4000 damage absorption, and it protects against elemental damage.

    Greater Scroll of Frailty – This scroll has a character level 37 requirement and it will surround enemies with a energy wave that takes their strength and reduces their weapon ability. It will spread 20 meters and have 175 reduced physical damage for 45 seconds.

    Greater Scroll of Frenzy – It has a character level requirement of 37. This scroll fills the player with fury that will increase both the damage and the speed of their attacks. It will last 90 seconds and have +45% to movement and 150 piercing damage.

    Greater Scroll of Breaking Wheel – This has a required character level of 30. It will last 20 seconds and it has 2000 energy and 4000 health, with 8 projectiles, 450 piercing damage, and 100% chance to pass through your enemies. It will send a flurries of blades to your foes.

    Greater Scroll of the Crushing Vortex – This has a required character level of 37. It has a ton of destruction that goes around the caster with 45 seconds of duration, 10 meter radius, 150 damage, and 60 elemental damage.

    Greater Scroll of the Djinn – This has a required character level of 34 and it summons a Djinn spellcaster. It has a lifetime of 180 seconds with 5500 health and 1500 energy. It has the abilities of Ether Surge (with 300 vitality damage), Distortion Wave (100 energy cost, 350 damage, 150 vitality damage and 50% slowed for four seconds), and Unearthly power (+10% total speed, +10% total damage, +500 health restored, 15 second duration, and 150 energy cost).

    Greater Scroll of the Earthquake – This has the required character level of 30 and it will send out a stunning and damaging earthquake to your foes. It has 10 seconds of duration, 23 meter radius, 375 damage, and a 25% chance of a three second stun.

    Greater Scroll of the Ice Nova – This has the character level requirement of 30. It has a blast of cold from the player to your enemies. It has a 20 meter radius, 40% slowed for 10 seconds, and a 2000 frostburn damage over 10 seconds.

    Greater Scroll of the Necromancer – This has a required character level of 30. It has a force of flamed skeletal warriors to fight for the player summoned. It has a lifespan of 25 seconds with 1750 health. They have 150-225 damage and 375 burn damage over three seconds.

    Greater Scroll of the Stalwart Alliance – This has a required character level of 34. It gives more armor and attack strength to the player with this aura, and to the player’s allies. It lasts 90 seconds, has a 16 meter radius, 90 damage, and 90 armor.

    Greater Scroll of the Storm Witches – This has a required character level of 30. It summons a pair of harpy witches to use their lightning attacks to destroy your enemy. They have a lifespan of 180 seconds with 1000 energy and 2800 health. They have the Thunderball ability with a meter radius and 225 lightning damage, plus the Squall skill with 65 energy cost, 6.8 second duration, 6 meter radius, 90 lightning damage, and 33% chance of impaired aim for three seconds.

    Greater Scroll of Unbroken Fortitude – This has a required character level of 30. It will strength the players will to improve their damage absorption in battles. It gives 80 damage absorption and 90 seconds of duration.

    Greater Scroll of Vampirism – This has a required character level of 39. It gives a field of vampiric energy to drain life force from enemies and give to you. It lasts 25 seconds, goes to 16 meter radius, and has 200 life leech per second.

    Greater Scroll of Vengeance – This has a required character level of 30. It lashes out fire retaliation when player is hit with melee attacks. It has 90 second duration and 300 burn retaliation over three seconds.

    These are the greater scrolls that are able to be found in Titan Quest’s Immortal Throne game. As you can see they really add to the ability to withstand a battle.