Description of Alexander's Panoply Armor Set in Titan Quest

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The Alexander’s Panoply set is in Titan Quest core unexpanded edition and it does give a good set bonus depending on how many items in the set you will be wearing. It takes at least two of the pieces before any set bonuses are given. It is a nice armor set for those wanting a nice boost to their resistances.

While this armor set isn’t the best in the game, most agree that if you are going to get any piece of it to wear, get the cuirass as it is the best of the pieces to have on your character. Its special reduction in bleeding and boosts to both the offense and the defense.

Set Buffs

Equipping your character with more than a single armor item will give you even more buffs than the individual pieces. Find out how many armor pieces you need to get the perk you want.

2 pieces of the set: This will boost your character +10% to strength.

3 pieces of the set: Gives the +10% to strength and +150 to health.

4 pieces of the set: With the +10% to strength and the +150 to health it will also add +85 to defense ability.

5 pieces of the set: Will give a 10% boost to armor protection, +3% shield block, +10% to strength, +150 Health, and +85 Defensive ability.

6 pieces of the set: If you have all the pieces you get +10% armor protection, +3% shield block, +10% strength, +300 health, +120 defense ability and 4% chance to dodge enemy’s attacks.

Alexander’s Panoply Armor

Alexander’s Cuirass – 492 Armor, and it has the stat buffs of +38 to strength, 37% lightning resistance, 20% cold resistance, 47% reduction in the length of bleeding damage, +64 to defense ability, +63 to offense ability, +2 to all skills in all your masteries, and +13% chance to avoid projectiles. It requires a level 42 and a strength of 525.

Alexander’s Plumed Helm – 492 Armor, and it has the stat buffs of 29% fire resistance, 107% stun resistance, +53 to defense ability, +1 energy regeneration every second, +38 to dexterity, +20% attack speed, and +7% chance to avoid projectiles. It requires a level of 42 and strength of 525.

Alexander’s Greaves – 492 Armor, and stat buffs of 22% pierce resistance, 29% fire resistance, 4% chance to dodge attacks, +26% movement, +60 defense ability, and +35 to dexterity. It requires a level of 41 and 525 strength.

Alexander’s Bracer – 492 Armor, and stat bonuses of +20% attack speed, +52 defense ability, +70 offensive ability, and +37 strength, 25% cold resistance, and 22% pierce resistance. It requires a level 41 and 525 strength.

Alexander’s Pelta – 212 Damage, and stat buffs of 45% chance to block 640 damage, +7% shield block, +37 to strength, +3 to pulverize, and +47 to defense ability. It requires a level of 39 and 440 strength.

Alexander’s Spear – It has 201-213 damage, 25% piercing, and a very slow speed. It has stat buffs of +22% pierce damage, +2 to volley, +51 offensive ability, +29 to dexterity and 153 bleeding damage over three seconds. It requires a level 41, a 382 dexterity, and a 159 strength.

It has a good bit of buffs, it’s not the best set in the game, but it may be better than what you are wearing right now. Look into all the pieces and see which ones work better for you.