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Epic Spears in Titan Quest Immortal Throne

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

An overview of the requirements and the stat buffs that the new epic spears in Titan Quest's expansion of Immortal Throne will give the game.

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    The expansion to the popular Titan Quest series brought an extra Act for players to wander as well as three new epic spears for them to find and wield. These spears have great stat buffs and abilities to help the player, more than other rare ones (with the exception of the Legendary Spears in TQ).

    Icefire Pike – This is not a part of any weapon set and it has a slow speed, 30% piercing, and a damage of 73-91 damage. It has the requirements of a character level of 30, a dexterity of 242, and a strength of 114. It has stat bonuses of +10% total damage, 60 burn damage over three seconds, 66 frostburn damage over three seconds, 91% reduced freeze duration, +44 offensive ability, and a chance of either 42 fire damage or 34-44 cold damage.

    Nagblade – This is not part of a weapon set and it has a slow speed, 25% piercing damage, and 74 to 85 damage. There is a character level requirement of 29, a dexterity needed of 242, and a strength required of 114. It will grant you the skill of emasculate that will be active upon damage taking. It will drain the strength and vigor of your enemy. That costs 75 energy, give 50% reduced damage for 5 seconds, and 30% slower attack for 5 seconds. There are stat buffs of +22% pierce damage, 93 energy leech over three seconds, +48% energy leech, +19% attack speed, and +20 to dexterity.

    Soul Spike – This is part of the Panoply of the Moirae armor set and it has a slow speed, 25% piercing, and a damage of 78-89. It will require a character level of 29, a dexterity level of 242, and a strength level of 114. It will give the stat bonuses of +37% life leech, 17 Vitality damage, 8% of the attack damage converts to health, +42 to offensive ability, and +14% to attack speed.

    As you see these are all very good spears, only one of which is in a set that can be added to any type of style of game play. Those wanting bang instead of speed are going to love these new spears.