The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360 Cheats and Achievements

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360 Cheats and Achievements
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an RPG set in an expansive world of monsters, ogres, and warriors. It has a sandbox style gameplay mode. Players can explore any area independently and play plenty of side-quests and missions that do not interfere in their main objective. Gamers can stop playing the main storyline in the middle and feel free to explore other locations without any restrictions.

The developers of Elder Scrolls have revamped its combat and stealth skills and added the fast-travel system in Oblivion, which lets you travel back-and-forth between two locations once their icon has been displayed in the map.

With a huge environment, great character creation system and new additions, Oblivion has gained much popularity amongst other RPGs. Here are some of the best The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Xbox 360 cheats and achievements:

Achievements for Higher Gamerscore Points (50 and 100 points)

Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion screenshot

Champion of Cyrodil: You can achieve this after completing the main questline. It carries 110 gamerscore points.

Arena Grand Champion: Finish the Arena Questline and you will be awarded with this achievement as well as 50 gamerscore points.

Dark Brotherhood (Listener): Finish the Dark Brotherhood Quest and achieve 50 points

Thieves Guild (GuildMaster): Complete the Thieves Guild Quest and get 50 gamerscore points immediately.

Mages Guild (Arch-Mage): Finish the Mages Guild Quest to earn this achievement.

Fighters Guild (Master): Complete the Fighters Guild Quest successfully.

Imperial Sewers Escapade: The escape from the imperial sewers marks the beginning of the main quest. Achieve this quest and collect points.

Close an Oblivion Gate: In the main quest, if you close the Oblivion gate, you unlock this achievement.

Shrine of Dagon: Locate the Shrine of Dagon in the Main Quest and earn 50 points and the achievement title.

Destroyed the Great Gate: In the Main Quest, if you destroy the Great Gate, you will unlock this title.

Deliver Daedric Artifact: Delivering the Daedric Artifact in the Main Quest will help you earn 50 gamerscore points.

More Cheats and Hints

Play God (Be Immune to Physical Damage):

Character Stats Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

For getting full immunity to any physical damage from your enemies you need 100 percent reflect damage, where all physical attacks will prove futile and the total damage will get reflected back on the enemy. But, it is very important to get full reflect damage. In this Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360 cheat, here are some very important steps that will make you immune to damage:

• You will have to complete the “Sins of the Father” quest and gain access to the HonorBlade of Chorral. Return this weapon to the Steward of Chorral and acquire the Escutcheon of Chorral. You will get around 35 percent of Reflect damage.

• For the remaining 65 percent you will have to locate three other items. These are Necklace of sword, Amulet of Axes and Ring of Iron Fists, each having 33 percent reflect damage.

• Since you can wear only one amulet and two rings, just select Amulet of Axes, Ring of Iron fists and Escutcheon of Chorral. Now, do the math. You will have more than 100 percent which is more than enough to play god and be immune to any melee attacks from your enemy.

Transparent Walls:

Well, there’s no x-ray vision to see-thru NPCs, but sure you can make those walls transparent. Get the magic staff and use it until its status is reduced to zero. Use the staff to attack the wall. Lo and behold, a transparent see-thru wall in front of your eyes!

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