Morrowind The Elder Scrolls III Creatures Guide – Undead Creatures in Morrowind. Part 6.


The Undead cannot be missing from any reputable video game based on D&D. The description is mainly associated with zombies and similar creatures, although there are a wide variety of Undead type creatures in Morrowind. They can vary from extremely slow creatures, to ghosts or wraiths.

The Undead

Ancestor Ghost – In Dunmer culture it is typical that an ancestor would be guarding a family tomb. Once loved ones are passed away they are placed in a complex underground system ultimately leading to a central chamber, where the most ancient protects the tomb. These undead can also be summoned by wizards. The ghost form of undead isn’t particularly strong, but is highly resistant to normal weapons and poisons or shock attacks. You will need magic or powerful enchanted weapons to damage it. This creature drop ectoplasm, a novel ingredient used in alchemical processes.

Bonelord – Bonelords also act as protectors, though they are considered more of a general spirit, wandering around in the tomb’s corridors in order to protect the central chambers. They are spirits part of the family tomb, and as such attack intruders on sight. They are immune to normal weapons, shock, poisons and frost attacks, but aren’t particularly difficult to kill. You can pick up a bonemeal once they are killed

Bonewalker – Resembles a zombie, and is a form of revenant that guards the tombs, although much slower than a ghost. They aren’t strong and are also particularly resistant (75%) to most types of energy damage, poisons and normal weapons. They are however most feared for the curses and hexes which they inflict on touch, with powerful effects most likely needing a cleric to go away. Unless you are prepared, and have restorative potions, you should avoid these creatures.

Dwarven Spectre – An ancient Dwemer ghost, often found in Dwemer ruins, not Dunmer tombs. They are very powerful ghosts, and can take a while to kill for inexperienced adventurers. They also drop Ectoplasm, and various powerful items such as rings.

Skeleton – Just a normal skeleton, as found in any common dungeon. They guard graves and tombs and like to wear armors and particularly good shields. They often fight with longswords or powerful derivates, and you can hunt them for such weapons. Remember, skeletons are difficult to kill with things like arrows or projectiles since they are very dexterous. You will do much better with a mace or a flail. Some very powerful skeletons are found deeper in tombs, and they are only recommended to advanced players. However, most are easy to kill.

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