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Kwamas mainly reside in caves although some can be found overground, and they are part of the natural world. They are not constructs or divine creatures, and mainly live by foraging and preying on weaker creatures. There are different types of Kwamas and each type is very useful for ingredients used in alchemy, or just for ingredients which have restorative properties such as their eggs. These creatures are sometimes used by the proprietors of the cave for their eggs or for mining purposes, where the land is rich on resources such as ebony.

Kwamas are overall not particularly strong and can be fought even at the early stages of a character’s development. They do not attack alone however and live in communities, where each type of creature has a distinct job.


Foragers – This type of kwama acts mainly as a scout, and resembles a huge maggot or similar creature. It searches for suitable habitable conditions, and a ground for the others to settle and lay their eggs. They are also the most aggressive since they will have to clear prospected territory for the other kwamas to settle in. Although they are aggressive, they are quite easy to kill and can be hunted for their Cuttle, which has mostly beneficial effects.

Queen – The queen, as in any species, produces all the nest’s eggs and is constantly guarded as the most precious member. There is only one of this type in every mine, and they are not aggressive as they cannot attack since they are unable to move. They will attack if provoked however, assuming the adventurer is in the vicinity. They drop useful large and small eggs once killed.

Warrior – The most aggressive and most powerful type. They are there to assist and protect the Queen and will be quick to attack and rid of any intruders. They can be very dangerous and hard to kill for inexperienced adventurers. The Warriors are also hunted for their cuttle.

Worker – The workers are not aggressive either, and they mainly dig the cave’s tunnels and attend to the Queen’s eggs. They are sometimes used by the Empire, proving useful in the purposes mentioned.

Scrib – These are the kwamas in larval form, not prone to attacking but they possess strong paralysis spells. They are common and not very hard to kill and are hunted for their jelly.

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