Guide To Daedras Creatures in Morrowind – Overview of the Creatures of Morrowind. Part 3.

Deadra’s Background

The Daedra are originally divine beings that retained all of their original powers in game. However this article only focuses on the lesser Daedra in-game, who are essentially servants of the Deadra Lords, or the more powerful beings. Most Daedra serve their own prince, but there are some of these which work independently such as Dremoras or Atronachs who are in service to mortals as opposed to divine beings.


Flame Atronach – A powerful creature which emantes fire, and is often summoned by mages or sorcerers as an aid in battle. They are often found in rocky terrains or caverns, such as the mount Kand region, or they reside in some Dwemer ruins acting as protectors. They are quite difficult to kill and are hunted for the Fire Salt alchemical ingredient.

Frost Atronach – A variation on the Flame Atronach, but who casts frost spells and is hence also immune to such attack types. They are slightly bigger and more powerful than their Flame variant, and are hunted for Frost Salt.

Storm Atronach – Also an elemental deadra, but of great power compared to the previous two. This type of Atronach is incredibly difficult to kill and inflicts great melee damage. They are hunted for the Void Salt ingredient, which is rare.

Clannfear – A large reptilian-like creature, with a large head and slow speed, who is primarily hunted for their heart, which is used in alchemy. A very common Daedra, which can be found almost anywhere near Dwemer ruins.

Daedroth – A two legged Daedra who has a humanoid body and a head resembling a crocodile. They are powerful creatures and possess powerful magic attacks such as poisons or elemental damage. They are difficult to fight and should be only approached by higher level characters.

Dremora – The Dremora resembles a knight, and is highly intelligent creature and capable in fight. Dremora’s should be avoided since they carry powerful equipment and weapons, and they wear heavy armor. They are noble creatures, but that doesn’t stop them from attacking you. They also possess a heart used in alchemy, and their weapons are also sought after by adventurers.

Golden Saint – They are magical female knights feared by many, possessing the greatest valued soul for enchantments. They are often hunted for the mighty Daedric Tower shield which they possess, but inexperienced adventurers would do well to stay away.

Hunger – They are resistant to all energy attacks and can disintegrate weapons and armor on touch.

Ogrim – Looks similar to an orc, large and slow, and isn’t particularly intelligent but has great strength.

Scamp – Scamps are very common, and are quick and agile. They are primarily known for their boxing skills, but also because they are cowardly and prefer to surprise enemies. They are immune to standard weapons.

Winged Twilight – These winged females serve Boethia and are deadly. They can reflect spells and are immune to all energy damage, such as frost or fire. They are hunted for Void Salts.

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