Morrowind Creatures Guide – Creatures in Morrowind

Wild Creatures

These are creatures which often inhabit the open lands of the island, used for farming purposes sometimes or as transportation. They are part of the natural balance, and most are not difficult to fight, being simply wildlife. You can use some these creatures as food or to gather useful alchemical ingredients, and they often have their diseased variants in parts of the land which are plagued.


Alit – These are quite common two legged animals, found in most parts of the grasslands or Ash wastes in Vvardenfell. They are mostly sought after for their hide which can be sold or used to make leather armors or similar equipment. They have a large mouth, similar to a large reptile, and possess a horn which they use when they are attacking. Alits are not particularly strong, unless they are blighted in which case they are much harder to kill.

Cliff racer – A very popular creature in Vvardenfell, which flies across the rocky landscapes of the island and is particularly vicious. It resembles a pterodactyl and will attack on sight. Cliff racers usually travel in groups, and they will attack together once they see an intruder travelling. You can gather ingredients for levitating potions, such as their feathers.

Dreughs – These are sea creatures, or half octopus half humanoid, who are often encounter along the island’s coastlines, such as Gnaar Mok, or off the coast of Seyda Neen. They use a melee fighting style and aren’t overly strong, but will usually attack in a group. However, the Dreugh Warlord is extremely strong and is best avoided. They are hunted for their skin, to make exotic armor types, or for the Dreugh Wax which is used as an alchemical ingredient.

Guar – An animal primarily used for transportation or as part of a herd. They are domesticated and when in farms will not attack you. However the wild guars do attack, but aren’t very dangerous even to the novice adventurer. Hunted for their hide.

Kagouti – A relative of the Alit, two-legged and possessing a tusk which is used when attacking. The Kagouti is much sturdier and stronger than the Alit and can do more damage when attacking.

Mudcrab – Very easy to kill, found along the main coastlines. Useful for their meat.

Netch – They are placid creatures who are similar to Jellyfish, but they float in mid air usually near a netch farm. They won’t attack unless provoked, and the Bull Netch is much more powerful than the female, or Betty netch. They are famous for their leather, but no Netch will attack you in game.

Nix-hound – Very speedy predator, four legged, but not very powerful for mid-level players. You can gather hound-meat from a Nix.

Rat – As in the common rat, found throughout Vvardenfell. Often carries common diseases, and is also found in sewage works. Rat meat isn’t particularly popular or expensive, however you may clean them out in some quests where there is an infestation.

Shalk – A type of aggressive beetle, who will use fire spells to attack. They are highly resistant to fire and frost energies, but aren’t particularly strong when attacked in close proximity. Drops valuable resin used in alchemy, a sought after ingredient.

Slaughterfish – A common fish, often attacking in large groups. Slaughterfish will drop scales used in alchemy.

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