A Look at Ash Creatures in the Morrowind Elder Scrolls III PC Game – Part 1 of a Series


The island of Vvardenfell has a rich history and lore, which is also partly based on the pre-existing Elder Scrolls games. The world is highly complex due to these aspects combined, such as books, the various creatures which inhabit it, plant and animal life and the various political factions existing.

In this multi-part guide, we will be looking at the essential aspects of the in-game world, in order to help you understand it better and immerse yourself for a richer game experience.

Apart from helping you enjoy the game, this guide will help you when you make decisions based on your character construct, such as choosing the appropriate faction which best complements your character or determining which creature you can fight at your level without it being too difficult.


There are a variety of in-game creatures, some simply being part of the wildlife of the island, some being a mutation due to disease, some possessing Godly powers. The following guides should help you determine what you can take on and what you should definitely avoid, depending on your characters ability.


Ascended Sleeper – These creatures have been changed by magic and are half-human, half-beast. They should be avoided by most travellers, unless you are greatly experienced. They usually reside in Dwemer ruins or in the Red mountain underground.

Ash Ghoul – Half-human, half-beast creature summoned by Dagoth-Ur, central character and lord of Red mountain. Despite the ‘ghoul’ in their name, they are not zombies or undead. They possess great health and destructive magic, and as a result are powerful.

Ash Slave – They are deranged creatures, who move quickly and cast spells such as fireballs or shock spells. They should be approached with caution unless you are highly resistant to magic.

Ash Vampire – Extremely powerful and summoned by the dark Lord to protect tunnels and caves. They are considered noble creatures within the hierarchical structure of House Dagoth. Avoid them unless you are a high level character.

Ash Zombie – These creatures are the lowest in the social structure of House Dagoth, and as such are expendable. They are not as powerful as any of the other Ash creatures, and mainly use clubs and melee attacks when fighting. They can be killed, but they are generally not alone.

Corprus Stalker or Lame Corprus – These creatures are extremely slow, similar to a zombie. However, they possess great strength granted to them by their mutated form and the corprus disease. They are hard to kill, and moreover transmit diseases which are difficult to cure.

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