The Morrowind Prophecies – Review Of The Official Game Guide to The Elder Scrolls III

The Morrowind Prophecies (5 out of 5)

Anyone who has played The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind could tell you how massive the game world can be. It’s the type of game that could take the average gamer weeks or even months to complete. With such a large world to inhabit, sometimes a little help is needed. This is where the Official Guide comes in. It’s called The Morrowind Prophecies and was produced by Bethesda Softworks, who also made the game. At the time of its release, it retailed for $19.99.

This 370 page tome contains pretty much everything you’d want to know about the game and how to complete it. Since the PC and Xbox versions of this game are basically the same, this book applies to both systems. It is divided into six main chapters.

Chapter one is all about the characters. It covers all the base stats for the different races, plus the skill bonuses they receive. There’s also a huge weapon chart that tells what skill you need to wield it, speed, damage, and so on. Similar charts are included for armor and alchemy & ingredients.

The second chapter is a full monster compendium for everything you will encounter in the game. They are displayed eight to a page, and it gives their stats such as health, level, attack power, and more. The book does not, however, provide any strategies for defeating them in this chapter.

Chapter three is perhaps the most useful in the whole book, because it gives all the world maps. It shows the entire world on a map, then it breaks down into every single location, including building interiors. It shows an overhead view of the map with labels for everything you will encounter in the game. This is especially helpful when trying to hunt down a person or location in a large area.

The fourth chapter is a walkthrough of the main quest in the game. If you do only the main quest and none of the other side missions, this is what you need to complete the game. I highly recommend you do the side stuff because you’ll gain more levels and items, plus there’s more to do on the side than there is in the main quest.

Chapter five covers all the Faction quests and chapter six covers all the miscellaneous ones. These chapters give you the name of each quest and tell you where to go and what you must do to complete them. Every last quest in covered in this book, so you could literally complete everything the game has to offer if you use this guide.

I find game guides like this very helpful when you need something to reference for help, but I think they should be used sparingly. Sure, you could open this book and play through the whole game using it as a guide, but that takes all the fun out of exploring the Morrowind world.


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