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The region of Sheogorad is primarily a maritime area, comprised of one large island where most of the features and points of interest are concentrated, with a vast number of small islands scattered in the vicinity. These little islands are uninhabited and are mostly famous for either Dwemer ruins or crypts. In fact the whole region is thought to have a high number of archaeological finds and untouched historic landmarks containing valuable relics. Despite being an archipelago, it isn’t possible to sail due to the presence of rock-pillars which originate from the depths of the sea. These are a natural feature of the area.

The whole area is hugely wild and isn’t under any particular influence, although the main settlements are controlled by the Nord race, having easily adapted due to their sea-faring heritage. The whole area is mostly populated by wild mages, witches, undead or evil spirits, and therefore it is hard even for the Redorans to exert any kind of influence. However many archaeologists or scholars venture there, as the area offers a large number of the rare items found in the game.

Places of interest

The famous ruin of Mzuleft is located in the area, where rare history books and some ancient plans for Dwemer machinery are said to be located. Followers of Sheogorad are popular in many of the Dwemer ruins found here, hence the region’s name, and Mzuleft is no exception. There is also an interesting vacant Dwemer tower found north on the main island, which has other rare items and an Orc master trainer.

Other interesting places include Velothi Towers, such as Ald Redaynia or Vas, and the Daedric ruin of Assurdirapal. There are many interesting places including strongholds and abandoned ships, and if your character is strong it is worth visiting the region as great items abound.

Major towns

The only town is Dagon Fel, a fishing village situated on the main island. It is inhabited by Nords and there are a few Imperial guards who are assigned to the town. Dagon Fel doesn’t really offer much in terms of services, apart from a place to rest and very few traders in ‘The End of the World’ inn. These traders have little money to trade with anyway, making Dagon Fel hardly a worthy stop-off point.

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