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Molag Amur

Molag Amur is situated in the souther part of the larger Ashlands region, but despite this it is considered a region in itself with important landmarks and towns. Like the Ashlands, the area is volcanic, rocky and inhospitable overall, although there are examples of flora and fauna which are unique to the vast arid landscape. Creatures like Alits and Kwama foragers are found in the area; feeding on the few herbs and roots which stem from the ashy grounds of the region. Important alchemical ingredients are found here, which are not edible but sought after nonetheless; the trama root grows in the region and is often used together with cliff racers plumes - creatures that guard the rocky peaks of Molag Amur - in creating potions of levitation.

The Molag Amur area isn’t influenced by a particular Great House, although most of House Dagoth is found here in the caves and ruins. There are many renegade battlemages present in the area as well as some Ashlander camps. However this does not indicate particular dominance by any faction, since the region is only visited to complete quests or other necessities, not for leisurely purposes due to its notable unwelcoming nature.

Places of interest

The Erabenimsun tribe is found in Molag Amur, and is the first Ashlander tribe you will visit in order to be recognized as the Nerevarine. It is very difficult to reach, despite it’s location being clearly marked on the map. One must travel through the many hostile creatures, including powerful Daedras, in order to finally reach the camp. Moreover, the Erabenimusn Ashlanders are even less hospitable than other Ashlanders, which makes the journey all the more difficult.

Another interesting place to travel to is Tel Uvirith, guarded by Dwemer centurions and featuring many services. You can find a healer, a spellmaker and many merchants should you fin yourself running low on supplies, and far from the main town in the region.

Major towns

Molag Mar is the biggest town in the area, and looks exactly like one of the cantons in Vivec; placed on the waters near the coast of Azura. The town was built by the Tribunal Temple in order for pilgrims to rest between the pilgrimage to the perilous shrines of Mount Kand and Mount Assarnibibi. The town has many temple services and some master trainers are also found here.

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