Guide to Morrowind Regions: The Grazeland region in the Elder Scrolls III

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The Grazelands

The Grazelands region is situated on the northeastern coast of Vvardenfell and overall it is a terrain rich in agricultural resource, with produce growing wildly and grasslands forming an integral part of the landscape. Although the area is mainly uninhabited apart from very few occupied grounds, such as strongholds or Telvanni towers, many people travel to the Grazelands in order to reap useful ingredients such as Stoneflowers, Wickwheat or the Hackle-lo leaves. Most of these ingredients are also edible, apart from being ingredients used in alchemy.

Much of the region is controlled by the Tribunal Temple, who also assert their authority on the many Ashlander nomads who are found in the area. The Ashlanders find the Grazelands an ideal place to live, often breeding pack Guars and working on Wickwheat in small farming patches. The region is vast and stretches all the way to the coast, where some medium sized islands are found which are also desolate. This were mudcrabs are commonly encountered along with the odd vagrant.

Places of interest

There are two important Ashlander camps in the region, which are essential to the main quest. The Ahemmusa camp situated in the northern part of the Grazelands, which is one of the quietest Ashlander camps and considered peaceful due to the general clemency associated with this area. Another camp is the where the Zainab Ashlanders reside, in the south, where you can find a variety of services and traders happy to offer their services to passers-by. The Zainab camp comes second to town of Tel Vos in the region.

Another notable place is the stronghold of Falensarano, with an interesting travelling system known as a ‘Propylon Chamber’. This can be used to travel to Dunmer strongholds standing in other regions, although adventurers should always be wary as they are perilous places.

Major towns

The town of Tel Vos is the most important in the area. It is build by a Telvanni wizard, the mage Lord Aryon who is known for his openness not usually associated with Telvannis. The town features unique architecture, which employs a mix of Imperial-style buildings and Telvanni hollowed-out mushroom. The town features a library, a Dwemer museum, enchanters, traders and many other services.

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