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Bitter Coast

The Bitter Coast is situated southwest of the island of Vvardenfell and remains largerly deserted due to its climate and the many smugglers and bandits who have set-up business there. The area is largely dominated by swampy grounds and marshes, where creatures of hostile nature are found such as slaughterfish or mud crabs. The local fauna isn’t particularly dangerous but the many cut-throats and thieves who reside there, not to mention some witches who have coves there, make the area unsafe for the novice adventurer. For this reason the area is also known as ‘Smuggler’s coast’.

This region isn’t controlled by any of the Great houses although you can find some of the more secretive guilds in the few small settlements. Members of the Dark Brotherhood have been known to reside in the area as the Camonna Tong, who have a say in most of the smuggling operations which take place. Despite the few influences of organised crime, the area remains mainly wild as its climate and surroundings show.

Places of interest

Apart from the small fishing villages which you can visit, there are interesting places in the Bitter coast, such as the Aleft ruins or the ancient stronghold of Andsareth which is thought to contain some rare shields. There are also shipwrecks in the area, such as the unexplored shipwreck somewhere near the Odai river, which contains some interesting Ash Statues and other precious artefacts.

Major towns

The main town is Seyda Neen, which is also where you start off when you first begin your adventures. It is controlled by the Empire and features Imperial architecture and cottages, and is the only relatively safe town in the Bitter coast area. Other notable towns are Gnaar Mok m which is a fishing village, and Rethan Manor which has various services such as a pawnbroker or a savant who can help in your travels.

Most of the towns in the region are just small settlements, mainly surviving on fishing or working with the local crime syndicates in moon-sugar smuggling operation or extortion. Hla Oad is one such town, which provides travellers with a smith and a local public house but very little else. The town is also one of the main Camonna Tong hideouts.

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