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The Ashlands

The Ashlands is an arid region, comprising a vast desert and wastelands which surround the central feature of the region, or Red mountain. The region has a rocky promontory with little flora, only sparse vegetation due to it being contiguous with the Ascadian isles. The rocky mountain peaks are inhabited by Cliff races which are numerous and hostile, often proving the main annoyance for adventurers and travellers. The Ashlands are also known for its violent storms, which spread the blight disease and render the place even less hospitable.

Part of the region is controlled by House Redoran, and they provide the strong military presence which partly control the many hostilities present in the area. Redorans mainly control the western part of the Ashlands, as this is where all the settlements and civilization is found. The region is also known for the Ashlander tribe who have a camp isolated from the rest of the settlements.

Places of interest

The Ashlands have a great number of ancient ruins and ancestor caves, particularly Dwemer ruins which are full of ancient and historical artefacts or Daedric ruins inhabited by followers of the Daedra. The Ebarnanit ruins are famous for the Mehrunes Dagon shrines, and they are still occupied by the violent followers of the God of destruction. Notable Dwemer ruins are Bthuand, where various artefacts are found such as ancient Dwemer coins or pieces of machinery, or Bthungthumz, which has locked containers with valuable weapons and books. Aside from not being the easiest to pronounce, they are also highly dangerous places.

Old fortresses and strongholds can also be found in this region. These are huge structures originally built to be impenetrable and defended from their spacious rooftops, but most have been abandoned and occupied either by bandits or vampires. Famous fortresses are Kogoruhn, which is thought to be undefended, or Valenvaryon which has been occupied by followers of Malacath.

Major towns

The only notable town in the area is Ald’Ruhn, situated in the western part of the Ashlands. This is a Redoran town and features appropriate architecture. It has a variety of services and markets and features the ‘skar’ which mostly houses nobles.

There are also Ashlander camps such as the Mamshar-Disamus camp, but one must be acquainted with the Ashlanders (possibly a clanfriend) before venturing to such places.

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