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The Ascadian Isles

The Ascadian Isles are situated in the south-western corner of Vvardenfell, and are a group of large and small islands rich in flora and fauna. The isles are under control of House Hlaalu since they offer plenty of agricultural resources and comfortable climate for growing produce. There are an abundance of farms and the profit made from exports is healthy, hence why the Hlaalu have seized control of the area. There are also a number of Netch farms, bred for their leather which provides further gain for this rich region.

It is relatively easy to travel from island to island, mainly by swimming or sometimes just walking when the water isn’t deep enough. Care must be taken when swimming in Lake Amaya, an ample body of water filled with slaughterfish and dreughs. Aside from the Nix-Hounds and other lesser creatures such as Wild Guars, there aren’t really any major dangers in the Ascadian isles.

Places of interest

Aside from the various farms and caves which are present in the region, the isles are also noted for the Foyada Mamaea, a river of fire originating somewhere near Red Mountain and flowing down one of its slopes. The Foyada divides the isles from the Molag Amur region which offers an entirely different climate and a generally more hostile environment.

Pilgrims can also visit the Fields of Kummu, which are holy grounds of the Tribunal Tmple and are parts of the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces quest. It isn’t easy to reach the shrine as the only way of doing so is by walking across the isolated settlement of Suran, crossing a bridge and venturing into grounds populated by hostile creatures. Many Pilgrims have successfully travelled to the Kummu fields and have collected ‘muck’, an alchemical ingredient sought after by the Temple.

Major towns

The largest town in the isle is Vivec, which is entirely built on water and features nine different cantons reachable by boat. It is considered a holy city since the demi-God Vivec resides in the temple and is near the Imperial fortress of Ebonheart.

Other famous towns include Pelagiad, a small settlement featuring Imperial architecture and mainly used as a place of retirement for old adventurers, and Suran, a Hlaalu market town and trading place.

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