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World in Conflict: Soviet Assault PC Video Game Review

by: William Usher ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Soviet Assault is certainly something new, it doesn't change the excellent game play of Cold War: Gone Hot, but it knits six new multipart missions directly into the old campaign. Unfortunately, you have to play through the original campaign to play the new missions.

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    The Good Stuff

    World in Conflict Soviet Assault The real charm of Soviet Assault is its strong focus on narrative to get you involved in the story line and make it more compelling and memorable, and try to make you feel like your actually there.

    The six new missions are wonderfully constructed and interwoven into the old campaign's story line in a seamless manner. The writing is excellent, compelling and engaging, which is entertaining on its own.

    Soviet Assault is more of the same fun you remember from World in Conflict: Cold War Gone Hot, with fun and satisfying game play, and mentally engaging entertainment that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Find out more in this World in Conflict: Soviet Assault review.

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    Improvements Needed

    This title was the perfect change for this expansion to pull ahead of the pack by distinguishing itself in the multiplayer mode, which is sad considering the on line popularity of World in Conflict. This PC expansion only provides eight new multiplayer maps, without any new factions, units, abilities, or game modes -- where's the co-op mode for this game -- which makes its value to veteran gamers of the franchise dubious considering the lack of worthwhile additions and the price.

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    Tank formation The presentation is still as good as the original World in Conflict title you remember, with amazingly detailed and textured maps that are epic, they provide a great view of entire area with a customizable camera you can watch from a bird's-eye view or close-up to see all the beautiful details and textures.

    The visual effects of smoke erupting from the landscape violently, firebombs burning foliage to a crisp, eye-blowing explosions, and attention-getting shock waves keep you tuned to the screen and the action with an amazing visual-treat that energizes the senses.

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    Sound and Music

    The audio quality of the sound track and audible effects is as good as ever, the ambient effects mix wonderfully with the explosions of cannon shells and artillery barrages can give you a case of shell-shock if you play too long. The level of the audible effects changes as the camera pulls in close or move father away, beautiful design, the between mission cut scenes of the Soviets squabbling over events built around the story line of original game are very entertaining to view.

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    Air strike World in Conflict: Soviet Assault weaves six new missions into the story line of the original missions of Cold War gone hot, so that you alternate between the Americans and the Soviets, depending on the mission you're playing. In Soviet Assault you begin the first mission as the Soviet forces as they're dealing with their situation before the second mission, just before they launch a counter attack on Seattle, Washington. The second and third missions you will play as the Americans, before once again playing the rest of the missions as the Soviets. You play a bunch of Soviet characters trying to establish a strong hold in Norway and then end up in the middle of the fallout from Cascade Falls, and other missions.

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    If you haven't played World in Conflict before then the playability of Soviet Assault increases measurably because you have to play the original campaign to play the new parts and its still a fun and satisfying experience that will add to the entertainment value of the six missions in Soviet Assault. If you have already played Cold War Gone Hot then you might be a little upset about having to play the original campaign to get to the new missions, and then you might not.

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    Final Rating

    The new missions add a nice twist to the narrative with strong characterization, but don't really provide enough incentive for veterans to the franchise to dust off Cold War gone hot for another round. New gamers to the series should definitely take advantage of this to try a great game that's both satisfying and engaging enough for me to recommend.

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