Cheats for World in Conflict, activating the console and links to trainers

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World in conflict is a real-time strategy title developed by Massive Entertainment and it is set during the ‘glasnost’ Soviet reforms. The game is oriented towards the tactical aspects of warfare, as you position troops and gain territory in real-time. There isn’t resource gathering in the game and its aim is to basically achieve the submission of Soviet forces.

In a similar fashion to some other strategy titles, you can bring the console up by adding a command to the existing shortcut of the game. There are few available commands to use in the console so it is best to use any of the available trainers for the game.

Activating the console

To activate the console you need to right-click on the ‘wic.exe’ file, found in the folder ‘Program Files/Sierra/World in Conflict’, and from the dropdown menu hover your mouse-pointer over ‘Send to desktop’ (7th from the bottom) and choose ‘Desktop (Send to desktop)’ from the menu which just appears. Note that the game may also install directly in the ‘C:’ directory, and not necessarily in ‘Program Files’.

Right-click on the shortcut for the game and click on ‘Properties’ found right at the bottom. Under the ‘Target’ heading and inside the quotes, enter ‘ –console’ with the space. This will enable the developer console to satisfy your cheating needs.


You can activate the console during game play, by pressing the ‘~’ key twice. After it comes up type any of the following:

CameraFreedom – Enables you to freely move your camera in the map, as opposed to the restricted views available by default. You can also assign a key in order to save you the trouble of bringing up the console and typing every time. Go to ‘My documents/World in conflict’ and create a text file called ‘wicautoexec.txt’ and type ‘bind [key] camerafreedom’, where you can choose any key instead of the brackets.

cmdlist– Displays a list of commands available for use in the console.

UnlockAllMaps– Will unlock all the single-player mission maps.

WinGame – Useful if you want to move onto the next mission.


If you wish to apply the trainers to the game you can find them here:

With these you can get things like unlimited mission points, invincible vehicles or extra tactical points. The version indicated works with the same patched version of the game. As usual, info documents are available with the trainer packs.