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Hints and Cheats for Rise of Nations

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Rise of Nations is a real time strategy game that has gameplay mechanics similar to the Civilization games. Players can easily win the game by using some cheats and hints. These are the top cheats and hints that can add fun and excitement to the gameplay.

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    Rise of Nations Cheats, Hints and Tips

    Rise of Nations In our Rise of Nations review, we discussed about the awesome gameplay mechanics that resemble real time strategy games like Command and Conquer. Players construct buildings in their own “territory”, research technology and expand their cities and resources. The objectives of the game vary from expanding cities, capturing enemy cities, researching new technologies and becoming ruler of the entire world. The game is divided into two categories, single player mode and campaign mode.

    Just like any other RTS game, Rise of Nations has got its own set of cheats and hints. Here are some popular Rise of Nation cheats and hints.

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    Rise of Nations Hints and Tips

    Rise of Nations Cheats and Hints: RoN Screenshot 1 Building Wonders: The game boasts ancient wonders of world, which can be built to gain advantage in military and civilian research options. Here are some popular wonders which can unlock extra resources help you to gain military and civilian technologies:

    Building the Great Pyramid: If you build the great Pyramid, you will gain access to some extra resources as well as gain access to a brand new age quickly.

    The Colossus: The Colossus is the first wonder that has to be built in the game. Building the Colossus will allow you to create carriers at a rate ten percent cheaper than previous costs. You can take advantages to use this for your aircraft also.

    Angkor Wat: You may find difficulty building this wonder as your enemies will relentlessly destroy it before it is partially built. But, once you have built Angkor Wat expect up to 25 percent cost reduction in all military units (except air units). In this way you will save tons of resources and build more units.

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    Additional Rise of Nations Cheats and Hints

    • There are 18 civilizations and each nation has its own unique nation power, so while choosing your nation and opponents nation in skirmish battles select the ones which are less powerful than yours.Rise of Nations Cheats and Hints: RoN Screenshot 2 

    • Each scenario has many rare resources. Create merchants and collect as many rare resources as you need. This will help you to research technologies even quicker.

    • A nation with good defenses always survives tense battles. Build good defenses and then go for the attack.

    • Research any civic technologies before creating military units. This will ensure a stable civilization.

    • For scenarios with islands and water bodies, refrain from building any structure near a large body of water. Enemy ships can easily destroy your buildings and you will have no time to counter attack it.

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    Rise of Nations Cheats

    Rise of Nations has loads of interesting cheats. During gameplay, press the Enter key and type the following Rise of Nations cheats codes to activate abilities and glitches: (type all codes without quotes)

    Defeat Opponent Nation: Type “cheat defeat (the opponent nation’s name)”

    Eliminate selected enemy units and vehicles: “cheat die”

    To ally with a nation: “cheat ally (nation’s name)"

    Put machine gun units around your capitals: “cheat safe”

    Setting Difficulty Levels: “cheat diff (type any number between 0-5 to set difficulty level)”

    Display achievements: “cheat achieve”

    Enable war with enemy nation: “cheat war (nation’s name)”

    Enable Victory against nation: “cheat victory (nation’s name)”

    Drop a nuclear bomb at mouse position: “cheat nuke”

    These Rise of Nations cheats will add fun and zest to the game. Hopefully you will enjoy the game with the help of these hints and cheats.

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