Beginner’s Guide to Grotesque Tactics

Beginner’s Guide to Grotesque Tactics
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Beginner’s Guide to Grotesque Tactics

This is a beginner’s guide to the PC RPG game Grotesque Tactics. This is a turn based game that pokes fun at other RPG games. It is an affordable game, but at just under $20 on GamersGate, is it even worth playing at that price? Find out in this guide!

Grotesque Tactics: About the Game

Grotesque Tactics Rescue the Girl

You start out in this game playing as Drake. You failed your military academy training and want to die to a mushroom. Along comes Holy Avatar who calls you Cake and pokes fun at you, but also helps you out with a sort of tutorial to the game. You then make a new army to defeat the villains that are in the cult of “The Dark Church.”

Along the way you find soldiers that you recruit to join you, rescue sexy bimbos who can’t save themselves, but then end up helping you as your groupie. Yes, sadly, I’m serious. This is supposed to be a comedic game poking fun at the genre of RPG games. However, I wasn’t laughing and found it to be quite annoying with all of the spelling and grammatical errors.

Grotesque Tactics: Turn Based and General Gameplay

Grotesque Tactics Screenshot 1

This is a turn based game, which wasn’t new to me when playing. However, how this is setup is utterly disappointing. What made it even worse was the huge lag issue. Add to the constant moving of the screen when people speak, and I’m nauseous – literally. Also, there are many spelling and grammatical errors in the dialog which honestly shouldn’t have made it past the editors.

You will be playing as all of the people in the party and must take turns and wait for monsters to attack. It takes some strategy, but isn’t really very difficult either. You can move around the world pretty easily, unless you get stuck in a spot then you have to move all of the characters you’re controlling on their turn. Again, this is highly annoying.

There is also something called an “Obsession Meter” in Grotesque Tactics that all of the characters have. Once this meter is filled to capacity, the character will have a different effect. They probably thought it was a funny addition to the game, but it was really quite lame.

Grotesque Tactics: Watch Out For…

The lag issue also brings with it crashing. No, it had nothing to do with system requirements either. So, save your game as often as you can if you actually care about progressing very far in Grotesque Tactics. You don’t really need to worry about the monsters or not being able to advance otherwise, as it is a pretty mediocre game and doesn’t require much thought into advancing throughout it.

Should You Even Bother with the Game?

Grotesque Tactics Screenshot 2

The plot of the game is really horrible, and if you can get past playing it for more than an hour, you probably are a glutton for punishment. I would have stopped playing it after 15 minutes (and that is being generous) if I didn’t have to write the Grotesque Tactics review.

There are however many people who do enjoy this game, and you may enjoy it too. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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