Starcraft 2 Achievements Guide

Starcraft 2 Achievements Guide
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Starcraft 2 Achievements

Starcraft 2 is one of the best PC strategy games out today. One of the reasons Starcraft 2 is so popular - some say addictive - is that Starcraft 2 has included a staple of console games…achievements. Achievements, commonly referred to as “cheevos”, in Starcraft 2 act as rewards for completing various tasks and missions in the single player campaign mode. Starcraft 2 achievements are not only cosmetic “awards”, they actually influence your “Blizzard level” - your ranking for online gaming - and can award you with decals and portraits. But what are these achievements in Starcraft 2? Continue reading the Starcraft 2 achievement guide to find out.

Starcraft 2 Achievements - Mar Sara Missions

The missions on Mar Sara are the first set of missions in Starcraft 2, and are also the easiest.

Map #1 - Liberation Day.

  • Achievement: Raynor’s Back - Get 5 kills credited to Raynor on Normal Difficulty.
  • Achievement: Down with Mengsk - Kill every enemy unit on Hard.

These achievements are self explanatory and easy, simply kill 5 enemies with Raynor, and then clear the map completely on Hard mode.


Map #2 - The Outlaws.

  • Achievement: Cash Reward - Collect all the mineral and gas deposits on the map on Normal.
  • Achievement: Be Quick or Be Dead - Win in 10 minutes on Hard.

The achievements for The Outlaws are still easy as well. For Be Quick or Be Dead, be sure to train both marines and medics quickly, as if you run low on either you will fail the achievement.

Map #3 - Zero Hour.

  • Achievement: Hold the Line - Don’t salvage anything, and don’t let any buildings fall on Normal.
  • The Best Defense - Kill 4 hatcheries on Hard.


The achievements for Zero Hour can be quite difficult to get. It is best to run this map through twice, once on Normal and once on Hard mode. For Hold the Line, build as many medics as you can to buff up your troops, and make sure to have at least 3 bunkers left for the last rush (at 5 minutes). For The Best Defense, again build up a large cadre of medics and marines, try and salvage a couple of bunkers for materials and then rush the first two hatcheries (past where the last group calls for help). These hatcheries will respawn with 5 minutes left in the map, just go and down them again.

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Starcraft 2 Achievements Guide - Colony Missions

Starcraft battles

The Colony map pack in Starcraft 2 contains the second set of missions, which are substantially more difficult than the previous Mar Sara missions.

Map #1 - The Evacuation.

  • Achievement: Sacrifice Nothing - Don’t salvage any bunkers or let any buildings fall on Normal.
  • Achievement: Handled With Care - Don’t let any trucks die on Hard.

The achievements in The Evacuation require a good deal of multitasking in order to complete in one go. Split up your forces in half, one focused on defending the trucks, and one slightly larger force focused on rushing the incoming zerg rush. Get to the bunkers as fast as possible and make sure to escort each truck as they go through the map.

Map #2 - Outbreak.

  • Achievement: 28 Minutes Later - Win before the 5th night hits on Hard.
  • Achievement: Army of Darkness - Destroy 15 buildings during the Night on Hard.

The achievements on Outbreak are relatively simple to get. Basically, only bring firebats out during the day, and keep a large stash of medics out at all times. Keep a close eye on all of your units health throughout the mission, and back them up as much as possible. For Army of Darkness, bring out reapers, as they deal massive damage to buildings.

Map #3 - Haven’s Fall.

  • Achievement: Outpatient - Win with 3 settlements okay on Normal.
  • Achievement: House Cal l- Win with 5 settlements okay on Hard.

The achievements in Haven’s Fall simply require quick reflexes to complete. Whenever one of your settlements is attacked, immediately send out a rush to destroy the invaders. 9 times out of 10 your rush will be successful without any other tactical maneuvers.

Space Marine

Starcraft 2 Achievement Guide - Covert Missions

The third set of maps in Starcraft 2 is the Covert missions map pack. These maps are some of the best in the game, and the achievements in Covert missions are relatively simple to complete.

Map #1 - The Devil’s Playground.

  • Achievement: Red Lobster - Kill the Brutalisk with Lava on Normal.
  • Achievement: Reaper Man - Rescue all the reapers on Hard.
  • Achievement: The Scenic Route - Destroy all Zerg structures on Normal.

The only difficult achievement in The Devil’s Playground is Red Lobster. The key to Red Lobster is to lure the Brutalisk out of his pit and get him isolated away from other troops, and into the lava while your troops bravely sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The other two achievements are self-explanatory.


Map #2 - Welcome to the Jungle.

  • Achievement: Appetite for Destruction - Don’t let the SCV die on Normal.
  • Achievement: It’s So Easy - Don’t let a probe cap any gas on Hard.
  • Achievement: You’ze So Crazy! - Destroy all Protoss structures on Normal.

All of these achievements are difficult, and take a good deal of time to complete. Do three runs of Welcome to the Jungle, and the principal rule of this map is to hit the protoss with everything you have, all of the time. Build goliaths to help your army emerge victorious.

Map #3 - Breakout.

  • Achievement: Cool Hand Tosh - Don’t let Tosh hit 100 hp remaining on Normal.
  • Achievement: Jailhouse Rock - Beat the mission in 25 minutes or less on Hard.

Breakout is a very easy mission, and both achievements for this mission are self explanatory and not very hard. Keep track of time, and keep medics stationed near Tosh during the whole mission and you will be golden.

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Starcraft 2 Achievement Guide - Rebellion Missions

The Rebellion missions map pack in Starcraft 2 has quite a few achievements to complete, many of which are more difficult than the previous mission pack’s achievements.

Map #1 - The Great Train Robbery.

  • Achievement: Bully the Bullies - Defeat the Marauder bunch in Normal.
  • Achievement: Silver Streak - Don’t let any trains get by on Hard.

For both of these Starcraft 2 achievements, form up a large infantry ball and start rushing the objectives. However, be sure to provide diamondback support to the infantry ball, as they will be able to reinforce your core troops without getting destroyed.


Map #2 - Cutthroat.

  • Achievement: Minesweeper - kill 25 units with mines on Normal.
  • Achievement: Solitaire - Buy out the mercenaries without building an SCV on Hard.

For Minesweeper, build a large force of vultures and spread mines out everywhere on the map. For Solitaire, form up an infantry ball with support, but also keep a good contingent of troops in your base, as attacks will get through your main force.

Map #3 - Engine of Destruction.


  • Achievement: Kicking Asgard - Destroy Loki in Normal.
  • Achievement: Ragnarok & Roll - Don’t let Odin hit 30% of HP on Hard.

For Kicking Asgard, lure Loki, the battlecruiser, back to your main forces with several scouts. To protect Odin, build Vikings, Wraiths and SVC’s and basically babysit him during the entire mission.

Map #4 - Media Blitz.

  • Achievement: Seek and Destroy - Destroy a Barracks, a Factory, and a Starport with Odin during the confusion on Normal.
  • Achievement: Blitzkrieg - Win in 20 minutes on Hard.

The key to both of these achievements is speed. Use bombardments and Goliaths to quickly take control of the map and sweep away the game and these Starcraft 2 achievements.


Map #5 - Piercing the Veil.

  • Achievement: Not So Brutalisk - Kill the Brutalisk without it killing any of your people on Normal.
  • Achievement: Lock and Load - Find all 13 weapons on Hard.
  • Achievement: Monster Mash- use the A.R.E.S. robot to kill the Brutalisk.

All three of these achievements are quite difficult. For the first, pick up two protoss relics before destorying the fusion core, as doing so will release basically a horde of zergs onto your troops. Use your marines and other troops to clear most of the rooms without using the A.R.E.S robot, as it may die before getting a chance to clear the Brutalisk. For Lock and Load, attention to detail is a must, and you need to take your time and comb the map, making sure to double back occasionally for any weapons you may have missed.

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Starcraft 2 Achievement Guide - Artifact Missions


The next part of the Starcraft 2 Achievements Guide focuses on the Artifact mission map pack.

Map #1 - Smash and Grab.

  • Achievement: Rock Solid - Don’t lose any units to Stone Guardians in Normal.
  • Achievement: Hit and Run - Win in 15 minutes on Hard.

On Smash and Grab, the best way to win is to form up an infantry ball and head west. Keep your base producing back up soldiers the entire time, and have a thorough eye for artifacts. Time is key here, so build up a large army fast and then rush the enemy as soon as possible.

Map #2 - The Dig.

  • Achievement: Drill Hard - Have the laser kill 20 units on Normal.
  • Achievement: Yippee-Ki-Yay - Destroy 50 Protoss structures on Hard.

The key to completing the achievements on The Dig is to use the laser for pretty much everything, including destroying enemies. Have scouts look out for protoss bases, and then use the laser to destroy them. These achievements are pretty simple.


Map #3 - Supernova.

  • Achievement: Cool Running - Don’t lose ANYTHING to the fire wall on Normal.
  • Achievement: Shock and Awe - Kill 75 units and structures with cloaked banshees on Hard.

The achievements for Supernova are relatively easy. The best way to complete Cool Running is to simply destroy your buildings yourself when you are moving your army forward. For Shock and Awe, just build a large number of cloaked banshees, so if you lose a few you can still complete the achievement.

Map #4 - The Mobius Factor.

  • Achievement: Alive Inside - Rescue everyone on Normal.
  • Achievement: Hard Core - Destroy all three data cores before Kerry destroys 8 buildings on Hard.

Do two separate runs for these achievements. For Alive Inside, simply follow Kerry’s path to find everyone you need to rescue. For Hard Core, you need to use medivacs to transport the troops you find on various areas. When you have to destroy the third core, keep to the south-west and hug the water so the brood lord does not aggro on your army.

Starcraft 2 Achievement Guide - Prophesy Missions


The next map pack in Starcraft 2 is the Prophesy missions map pack.

Map #1 - Whispers of Doom.

  • Achievement: Stalker Delight - Finish with 3+ stalkers alive on Normal.
  • Achievement: Merely a Flesh Wound - Don’t let Zeratul take life damage on Hard.

Both of the achievements on Whispers of Doom are self-explanatory. There really is not a simple strategy that works for either of these achievements, so save often and pay close attention to your units health and surroundings.

Map #2 - A Sinister Turn.

  • Achievement: Out for Justice - Kill all enemy Protoss on Normal.
  • Achievement: Maar-ked for Death - Win in 25 minutes on Hard.

While both of these achievements are self-explanatory, Maar-ked for Death requires some planning. First off, try and dodge the hybrid, as it will slow your infantry ball down. Second, dont destroy any of the prisons until you absolutely have to, as it calls the hybrid to your position.


Map #3 - Echoes of the Future.

  • Achievement: Army of One - Kill 50 units with Zeratul on Normal.
  • Achievement: Overmind Dead Body - Win in 20 minutes on Hard.

For both of these achievements, speed is key. Make sure to build lots of probes to get your economy going, and start building stalkers and immortals as soon as possible. Those two units should give you a good chance at completing Overmind Dead Body.

Map #4 - In Utter Darkness.

  • Achievement: Semi-Glorious - Kill 250 more units than necessary on Normal.
  • Achievement: Blaze of Glory - Kill 750 more units than necessary on Normal.

Both of these achievements can be completed on Normal difficulty, making them much easier than many other achievements. Take your time, build a wall of dark templars on each of the bridges so that nothing can get by, line the lofts with cannons, and then profit! Also, use phoenixes to kill overseers if they pop up.

For the last set of achievements in the Liberty campaign, check out Page 5 of the Starcraft 2 Achievements Guide

Starcraft 2 Achievements Guide - Final Missions

24832 StarCraft2EpicScreenshot normal

Finally we are at the last set of spectacular missions in Starcraft 2. The Final missions map pack is the best in the game, and the achievements inside are all very enjoyable.

Map #1 - Gates of Hell.

  • Achievement: The Big Bang Cannon - Destroy all the Spore Cannons on Normal.
  • Achievement: Dominion Roundup- Save all the Dominion drop-pods on Hard.

Both of the achievements in Gates of Hell are easy, and can be completed by being thorough and sending one group of infantry north, and one group of vikings south.

Map #2 - Shatter the Sky.

  • Achievement: Demolition Man - Don’t lose any units to a platform blowing up on Normal.
  • Achievement: Speed Too! - Win in 25 minutes on Hard.

The achievements in Shatter the Sky are both easy. Just play through the map like normal, with an attention to detail, and you will be fine. No special strategy needed.

Map #3 - Belly of the Beast.

  • Achievement: Unbreakable - Don’t let anyone get incapacitated on Normal.
  • Achievement: One Shot Fifty Kills! - Kill 50 units with one penetrator round on Hard.

The achievements on Belly of the Beast are difficult. For Unbreakable, the second fault line has a lot of units, and when you get to the third fault use your activated abilities on the queen as often as possible.


Map #4 - All In

  • Achievement: Turn and Burn - Get the artifact 150 kills on Normal.
  • Achievement: Aces High - Use the artifact only once on Hard.

To complete Turn and Burn, simply use Nova at the beginning of every round, or wait until your bases are almost overrun with enemies and use Nova to wipe them all out. Simple right? Aces High is a little bit more difficult. Basically you need to amass a ton of resources with your probes, because you need at least 15-20 siege tanks on each side. Also, get a good amount of cloaked banshees to cover yourself. Waves of enemies come when she gets down to 50% and 90% damage, so be prepared at those moments, and remember to not use the artifacts.

Congratulations! You have now completed all of the achievements in Starcraft 2 storied campaign mode.