How to Earn Easy Turbine Points in LOTRO

How to Earn Easy Turbine Points in LOTRO
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Turbine Points and Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO) out today, and combines traditional MMO gameplay and questing with the hugely influential Lord of the Rings Universe. However, LOTRO has just changed from a more traditional subscription model of pay-to-play to a new free-to-play model, with optional microtransactions. These microtransactions are fueled by Turbine Points, which act as a way to purchase content. Turbine Points (TP) can be earned in-game, as well as purchased through the online store.

But what exactly is this new LOTRO free play system? How does it work? Is it really free-to-play? And, what is the easiest way to get free Turbine Points for LOTRO?

The Free-to-Play system in Lord of the Rings Online

The new free-to-play (F2P) system in Lord of the Rings Online allows new players to play without having a paying subscription to the game, but there are several limitations imposed on free players;

  • Free players cannot access all of the content immediately
  • Free players are limited to 3 out of 5 bags of storage space
  • Free players cannot fully access the Auction House
  • Free players cannot fast travel between towns

However, players can use Turbine Points to overcome each and every one of these limitations. Luckily, Turbine Points do not have to be purchased, but can be earned through regular in game playing. But what are the easiest ways to earn Turbine Points in LOTRO?

Easy Turbine Points in LOTRO pt. 1

The first, and easiest way to earn Turbine Points in Lord of the Rings Online is to simply create a new starting character on each of the 27 servers and click on the skip tutorial button on the character selection screen. This will transport your character to the regular new player starting areas, where there will be a one-time per server quest available. This quest is easiest for Dwarven characters, as the quest giver is immediately to the left of the new character spawn. Click on the quest giver and follow the dialogue options and you receive 10 free Turbine Points, for a total of 270 Turbine Points for each server. Its that easy, at least at the start.

Easy Turbine Points in LOTRO pt. 2

One easy way to earn Turbine Points is to create a new character and complete the first quest you see

The next easiest way to earn Turbine Points in LOTRO is to simply play the game. Start a character you want to actually play, and begin questing. Turbine Points are earned through several regular gameplay mechanics, including leveling up as well as completing Deeds. Deeds in LOTRO range from completing 10 quests in a given zone, to finding each farm in the Shire, to killing 60 wolves in a certain area. Either way, most of these deeds can be completed through regular playing and exploring the beautiful game world. However, there are some Deeds that are easier than others, that every character should complete. These include;

  • Places of the Dwarves - find 5 location in Ered Luin - easy because Dwarven starting quests take you to each
  • Spider Slayer - In the Man starting area, Archet, there is an area filled with low level easy spiders, kill 60 and you have another 10 TP
  • Complete 10/15/20 Quests in Bree-Land, Ered Luin, and the Shire - A deed in each starter zone, regular players will complete these in no time at all, for an easy 30 total TP for each zone! Just complete quests, and level normally to complete this deed
  • Wolf Slayer - In the Shire, there are Farms to the East of Budgeford that contain 15+ wolves in a very small area. A level 15 character can run through these farms and easily complete this Deed in ~15 minutes, for a combined 15 TP
  • History of the Dunedain - Easy Quest in Bree-Land that requires you to explore 6 ruins, which regular quests already take players close to.
  • Hitting Level 20 with any character - Getting up to Level 20 gives out an extra 10 Turbine Points, and is very easily achieved.

It is easy to see that simply starting new characters and playing through each starting area is the easiest way to earn Turbine Points in LOTRO. As an added bonus, it is also the most relaxing way to earn easy Turbine Points, because every character class is fun to play and easy to level, especially at the start of the game. Focusing on the easy Deeds above can help as well, but earning Turbine Points through regular play allows new players to find out what kind of characters they like to play, and what areas of Middle Earth they want to take their characters through.


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