Starcraft 2 Map Editor Tips and Tricks

Starcraft 2 Map Editor Tips and Tricks
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The Starcraft 2 map editor can be a great tool for those wanting to create their own custom maps. However, creating a map for the first time can be quite difficult. These tips and tricks should help make the design process quite a bit easier.

Map Editor Functions

  • The Starcraft 2 map editor is used for designing unique terrain for gamers to play on. You can adjust the look of the terrain by adding various textures. These textures can come in the form of cliffs, rivers, and other bodies of water.
  • You can also add various units to the map. You determine what units each player starts the game with.
  • You determine what resources are available on the map and where you want them located.
  • Triggers can be added to create different scenarios. There are numerous triggers to choose from. You can choose things like unit spawning locations, and the creation of defenses once a player reaches a certain area.


  • When you start designing a new map make sure to start off by using the texture you think you will use most throughout the design

    map editor1

    process. This might be a dirt color, or a grass color.

  • Before you begin texturizing the map make sure to turn the graphics settings on low. This will help reduce any lag and will give you a smoother brush stroke.

  • When painting important areas such as entrance ramps make sure to use several different textures. If you just use one texture it will be hard for players to differentiate the ramp area from the rest of the map.

  • It can be difficult to change your textures with the default camera view. To make editing easier use the menu bar to change your camera view until you are happy with it.

General Tips

  • Make sure to adjust the height of any water you add to your map. While in the water tab of the terrain menu click “edit water.

    map editor

    From here you can adjust the height. You will probably want to lower it to 1.0 or less. If it is above 1.0 it can flood the map.

  • Every first time user of the Starcraft 2 map editor should read some of the numerous in depth guides that are available online. This will help make map editing much more enjoyable.

Trigger Error Message

One of the most frustrating parts of using the map editor is when you attempt to test your newly created map and you receive an error message. The most common error most players experience is a problem with one of their triggers. To determine which trigger is causing the issue you need to:

  1. Right click on any trigger and click disable.
  2. Try testing your map again.
  3. If you still receive an error message enable the previous trigger and disable a different one.
  4. Keep repeating these steps until you find the trigger that was causing the problem.

Once you have determined which trigger is causing the issue the fix is usually relatively easy. Simply deleting the trigger and replacing it can often resolve the problem.