Unlock the Power of the Force - Star Wars Battlefront Cheats for PS2

Unlock the Power of the Force  - Star Wars Battlefront Cheats for PS2
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How to Capture Bases

Choose the sniper fighter and move towards the command post you need to capture. Your Star Wars Battlefront character will need to hide behind a wall or other obstruction and use the recon droid to destroy the enemies nearby. Then capture the base with little difficulty.

Helpful Cheat Codes

Star Wars Battlefront action shot

Note: Use the following Star Wars Battlefront cheats by pressing the PS2 controller buttons as directed.

Restoring Health

  • When you have less than fifty percent of life left, pause the game and hold the L2 button. Press the following button sequence: Circle, Square then Triangle. Next, on your directional buttons press left, up, and right.

Infinite Ammunition

  • Press the following sequence on your PS2 game controller’s directional buttons: Up, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, left then right.

Unlock all Historical Campaigns

  • To choose the era you want to play, go to the Historical Campaign Mode and press the following with your PS2 controller: Square, Circle, Square then Circle.

Unlocking Instant Action Missions

  • Complete any mission in Historical Campaign mode to get access to the Instant Action Mode version.

PS2 Game Controller Short Cuts

  • Getting into a vehicle – press the Triangle button
  • Throw a grenade – press the L1 button
  • Shoot a vehicle – press R1

Destroying Droid Droidekas

  • Fire away with any weapon once the droidekas lower their shields.

Sneaky Way to Kill Jedi Knights

First choose the Bespin Platforms map and select the Storm Trooper with a rocket launcher. Set your weapons from grenades to mines. Locate and attract the attention of an enemy Jedi. After the Jedi begins chasing you, run towards an edge of a platform. Release the mine and quickly move out of the way. If the Jedi is close enough, he will run into the mine causing him to fall off the platform to his demise.

Star Wars Battlefront screenshot

Note: These cheats require completing the listed missions.

Tatoonine Concept Art

  • Seige of Mose Eisley: Galactic Civil War

Hoth Concept Art

  • Battle of Hoth: Galactic Civil War

Bespin Concept Art

  • The Liberation of Cloud City: Galactic Civil War

Kashyyyk Concept Art

  • Aggressive Negotiations: Clone Wars

Yavin Concept Art

  • The Fall of Yavin 4: Galactic Civil War

Access Star Wars Battlefront stills by completing the following missions:

Naboo Stills

  • Rebellion on Theed: Clone Wars

Geonosis Stills

  • Battle of Geonosis: Clone Wars

Endor Stills

  • Bespin: Battle in the Clouds- Galactic Civil War

Rhen Var Weapons and Unit Stills

  • Mountaintop Defenses: Clone Wars


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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